A Brighter Day..

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A Brighter Day..

I just wanted to write a quick little note (I know..I’m not exactly ‘known’ for quick  notes). :O)  But I really am feeling much better and so appreciate your well wishes and prayers. I was hobbling around by yesterday evening, ate something that was probably not best for a recovering stomach..taco salad..and decided to stick to jello for a day or two. Ha!

Today, it was just so wonderful to wake up to a stomach that was on the mend..and amazingly..the first signs of spring! I have to say that one of the best things about living just north of Houston is that we get sub-tropical weather patterns here. It makes the summers miserable..but winters are just plain delightful..and very short lived.  (Of course, a cold front is coming…but I'm in 'denial' Tee-hee!)
camilla bush eaten

Christian was chasing honeybees out of the house yesterday! Can you believe it? They were coming in through the ‘doggy-flap’, Percy’s entrance to the house. He killed three before we decided to simply close off the door.  Of course, the leaf cutter ants woke up from dormancy too. If any one has any clue as to what to do about the pesks who are literally eating up my fruit trees and deciduous bushes faster than I can spray them with bug spray, I’d like to hear it. I sprayed every single bush, flowering tree, and anything else remotely green because they had ‘swarmed’ several. I counted 20-30 large ants PER LEAF. 
I had gone out just to get a closer shot with better background contrast on my tulip tree which is beginning to bud in the balmy weather. (Yes, it’s balmy! That’s all there is to it.  Delightful!) The tulips are opening and soon the whole tree will look so funny…all sticks..and huge pink tulips. They would make a great ‘oriental’ style tablescape I think.

Anyhow, I discovered that the ants had already, in only two days of warm weather, eaten most of one of my two Camilla bushes, a rose bush, two ornamental bushes, and were working on some more. I ran back inside, and grabbed the spray. Creepy..they were falling off my Camilla bush in huge clumps. I’m sorry they’re hungry, but they need to go out in the forest where there are plenty of green things to eat. But our bushes are more tasty I guess. Note to self: Go out every morning and work on the bushes. They really need some TLC…water, fertilizer, trimming and cleaning up from all the fall leaves buried in their limbs.

On another bright note, Jacob is in semi-finals at the Dallas speech and debate with his former debate partner’s sister. They are having a great time, and he’s been calling with exuberant updates…or getting called by his sister..who promptly posts his and Sarah’s accomplishments on facebook to their mutual friends. How I wish I could be there! And Rebekah is cooking cookies…and seemed a lot more cheerful after her visit with Laurie. Laurie’s cookies were absolutely divine…I’ll have to share the recipe with you later.

neon parts

An even brighter note was that Dear Hubby was able to remove, by HIMSELF, all the dented parts of my poor little Dodge Neon. The car repair people fixed the back bumper beautifully (paid for by the people who rear ended my son in my car) and also did a quick estimate of the front of the car which was damaged when DD rear ended someone else a week later. $2200.00! Yipes! Well, we are way too frugal to take that sitting down and since we don’t have full coverage..well..we HAVE to be! Rebekah wants to pay for the repairs..but obviously it can’t be done the usual way.

Tim removed the fender, bumper, and hood in only an hour and was able to beat out the front grill so that a replacement hood will be able to latch. We priced the replacement parts online at Car Parts, an online wholesale car part shop for a total of $477.00! Yes!!  On Monday, we plan to call some body shop places locally and see what they will charge to paint the pieces silver. The parts are already primed..so hopefully, it won’t be too much. Sure beats the original price tag for the repair.

Rebekah and I also dropped by CNS Treasure Chest, my favorite antique shop yesterday and got ‘matching’ tea cups from Germany which almost match our antique cocoa pot from Prussia..a family heirloom from Tim’s grandmother.  We went shopping yesterday at 5:00pm because she was dying to buy some special custard cups to make some chocolate dessert recipe she had looked up and she wanted a real tea cup to have tea with. I told her..”Fine…as long as you do the driving..” I was still feeling pretty worn out from my bout with the flu.

gold fish on the pond

It’s such a bright day, that even our recalcitrant gold fish, first introduced to our pond over four years ago, are making their annual appearance at the surface of our pond. They don’t like too much heat…or cold..so we only see them at dusk in the summer normally, but with the weather warming up, we had over 50 4” goldfish swarming to eat the newly hatched bugs.

So..things are definitely looking up and I didn’t want anyone worrying about me. :o) The Lord is always taking good care of us. I do hope you have a lovely Sunday. I’ll be at church tomorrow helping with setup—that’s how good I feel. We will have a wonderful time worshiping the Lord..because to us..that’s the best part about Sunday.   Makes me think of my favorite country song, What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan. I can't think of a better way to describe our Sundays at home...  I'm linking this sweet song up with Natasha's Sunday Song Linky party. She's been out of the country and then got home to Australia where's there's been an awful lot of flooding. This is her first linky party after getting home. She has such a lovely blog!

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers…and sweet comments. Looking forward to lots of visiting on Monday...and a special post about a great giveaway. Be sure to check on Jan. 31st, back here for my OWOH giveaway post. If you didn't get a hand-quilted tote bag during my last giveaway, perhaps you will this time. :o)



Ky said...

So glad you are feeling better Donna.
Isn't it wonderful having a hubby who can deal with those sorts of issues. I'm blessed with a husband who can pretty much anything and if he doesn't know how to do it, he soon works it out. Saves a lot of money on labour costs.
That teacup is lovely. Bet the tea in tastes great too.
Looking at your goldfish just reminded me of my mum telling me last week that they don't have anymore goldfish in their pond. A kookaburra discovered them and he has been snapping them up over a period of a couple of weeks. They didn't realise til too late. Mum was able to get a photo of him the other day sitting on the fence with a big goldfish in his mouth. It's a great shot, but sad for the goldfish. Mum's quite sad about it too. Oh well, they are in the kingfisher family of birds. It's what they do.
Have a lovely time at church. We go on Saturdays. We had a lovely time at church yesterday and then a church picnic afterwards. Best way to spend a Sabbath afternoon in the summer. xx

Natasha in Oz said...

Oh sweet Donna, I had no idea you have been unwell! I really am way behind in my visits-I am so sorry. I will have to have a big catch up session and read your previous posts.

Thank you so much for sharing this absolutely perfect song for the first Sunday Song for 2011! I was so happy when I saw that you had linked up and that you had left such a beautiful comment! Thank you so much for your support and friendship-it means the world to me.

I hope you have a wonderful week and please do take care!

Best wishes always,

Kerrie said...

I am happy to hear things are looking up for you!! Troubles always come in numbers it seems. They used to say in 3's but lately they come in bunches-ha! Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday.

Debby said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Not fun to be sick. Our winter is far from over so it is fun looking at your pictures.
I hope your car issues get better.

Rae said...

Sure hope you are feeling better!!
Love the German china. Sounds like a place I need to go to!
I'm thinking about getting some fish, only for inside, but it seems like I will need lots of stuff for them. Do you know anything about that?
Have a great day sweety and feel better. (((((HUGS))))).

Donna said...

Hi friends! Ky..don't get me started about those pesky birds. We had a huge heron eat our giant koi, whose name was Steve. The fish was so big he couldn't eat him..he just killed him. He fishes at our pond all the time. Maybe that's why we rarely see our goldfish--they're hiding. Ha!

Yes, Rayanne, I know all about tank fish and it's not too complicated. I'll email you later.

Off to my birthday dinner with Dear Hubby tonight. Lots of fun! (Bday is Feb. 2nd, but tonight is the best time for the dinner. )


“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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