A Day at The Seven Acre Woods with the Grandchildren

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A Day at The Seven Acre Woods with the Grandchildren

 Brennan likes this little fella
We spent the loveliest day at the Seven Acre Woods, in Willis, Tx. It’s just about 20 minutes from our house and is full of wonderful activities for children. They have one of the nicest petting zoos I’ve ever seen, putt-putt golf, swings and little cars for every age, zip lines, jungle gyms, a ‘beached boat’, barrel train, hayrides…and the list goes on and on.  For $6.00 a piece, we thought it was a great bargain. We spent most of the day there!
(This fee didn’t include the hayride and barrel train ride.)
  frisky baby goat   
Colin meets a goat petting goats
The goats just made me laugh with their friendly antics. Colin loved them!
cute goat

The people who put this place together..it covers seven acres…really designed it to be enjoyable for all ages from tiny tot to mid-teenagers. There was so much to do, that I thought I share just the petting zoo. The children LOVED it so much.
Nikolai likes the donkeyNikolai pets the goat

What are we looking for

Nikolai is entranced with animals and the little goats were so tame and friendly that they didn’t mind at all is energetic hugs.
For some reason the donkey was really attracted to Nikolai!
Here horsey!

Brennan helped me feed the llamas, ponies, and the chickens. I’ve never seen such plump chickens!
They were laying eggs where the children could easily see the days ‘collection’.
feeding time

feeding lamas
Brennan loved feeding the llamas. They are ‘delicate’ eaters. :o)
If you ever wanted your children to experience farm life, this is the place to go! They had calves, chickens, ponies, llamas, goats, and deer too.  It’s a family owned and operated place. A 12 yr.old was busy playing with the newest baby goat when we arrived. One of his jobs, was just to love on these sweet animals who had a gorgeous home in the play area..plus a large pasture to be in when off duty..on the back of the property.
Funny..I never made it into the photos. I was taking them. These were all taken by my cell phone! Can you believe it? My battery went out with the first photo. My phone is new and I had no idea how good the photos would turn out.

Grandpa holds Brennan
Well, I do hope you enjoyed this ‘day’ with the grandkids. There’s just something so sweet about children and petting zoos.
(Well…I have to admit, I rather love petting zoos myself. :o)

PS. You can see all the photos on my facebook album here.


Kerrie said...

What a fun day!! Is this the son that moved away?? I did not realize they were at your house when you said you had been busy. They are all so beautiful. We have a zoo close to us, too that is similar, more like a farm. We love going there. Hugs, K

Trudy said...

We'll have to take the kids there sometime. Looks like lots of fun.

Needled Mom said...

What a great outing for all!!! The memories will last a lifetime for the little ones.

claudia b said...

oh, my boys would LOVE going there. And my oldest would point out that llamas are where mommy is from - Peru :D

Donna said...

About the family....

I have two sons with children. The oldest is Matthew. He lives in N.Carolina and is stationed temporarily in Afghanistan. He and wife, Amanda, have three boys who are all here at the house right now. I have a pretty bad cold too..but it didn't really get me down until after the park. :o) Amanda took the kids to a friend's house today and will be home for supper tonight, then she will head back to her parent's home in Sugar Land in the morning.

My other son, Andrew, is married to Ebeth, and they have a daughter, Lena, and a son, August. They used to live only short distance away and I regularly had the kids over. They just moved to Seattle Washington a month ago.

For anyone who was confused..I hope this helps. Ha! I know I don't explain it all each time I post. I should probably put something up on the sidebar as that would probably help.

Hoping to get over this silly cold soon. It spoiled our plans for today, though yesterday was our biggest 'planned' event while they were here.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Jill said...

Great pictures!! I just love goats!! Have a wonderful weekend Donna!


Unknown said...

How cute..the Kids and the Kids...
I love petting zoo's..I'm sure the 'KIDS' had a geat time..along with the adults!

Caroline said...

Oh! I've got to check this out! It looks like a great idea!

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