Decorating a Spring Cake… for Baby Showers or Birthdays or Mother’s Day

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Decorating a Spring Cake… for Baby Showers or Birthdays or Mother’s Day

 Baby Shower Cake

Last week, I had the most fun that I’ve had in a long time! I made a cake for three of our expecting mothers at our church, Grace Community.  Since it was to be a ‘triple’ shower, I had the idea of ‘three’ in mind.
 gcc baby shower cake

I wandered through our local hobby store, Michaels, first..waiting for ‘inspiration’. What should I use
for a topper? What would the theme be?  I knew my friend Laurie wanted a very ‘girly’ cake..think PINK! So that part was easy.


The first thing I saw were these GORGEOUS butterflies! Immediately I had a garden theme in, and butterflies… What could be more ‘girly’. Maybe it wasn’t strictly baby..but since ALL of the moms were expecting GIRLS..this seemed appropriate. :o)

butterfly garden cake

The cookie cutters were then next thing that caught my attention..and that’s when I knew I wanted one each of the three cookies for the ‘topper’. I’d never iced or decorated cookies for a cake topper… I usually just use the cookie cutters as ‘outline’ tools for making patterns on a cake top that I then fill in with stars or something. 

I’ve done ducks, bunnies, and teddy bears on shower cakes before doing this exact thing. But cookies, propped up by lollipop sticks would really have a lot of visual impact.  And they could be used for the sides of a very tall 2 layer cake.   


The last thing I picked up, besides tuk and ruffle for some ‘frill’..and purple glitter for accent, was a tray of daisy molds. I love candy molds for wedding favors and valentine’s party favors..and thought how pretty it would be to have a ‘flower garden’.

iced pink base

First I did the usual…ice the base and add a shell border at the base.
      rolling out dough for cookiesPerfect shaped sugar cookies

Then using the recipe on the back of the Wilton sugar cookie molds..Rebekah, whipped up the dough..rolled it out, cut them and baked them. Their recipe didn’t require refrigeration and the cookies were the best we’ve ever tasted!  I’ll add the recipe when we get home this evening. :o)

Dipped sugar cookie tulips

Then I stirred together powdered sugar and just enough milk to make it a thick paste..but a tiny bit moister. I stirred in some Wilton coloring gel and basically ‘dipped’ the top surface of each cookie in the ‘icing’. It dried like hard candy!

decorating cookies

purple butterfly


flower cookies

Then I decorated each cookie following the guidelines on the card the molds came on. Add plenty of corn syrup to  a small bowl of icing to make it ‘very elastic’ and easy to squeeze out. This is critical for drawing detailed designs or for writing names.  I ‘glued’ some of the cookies to the sides of the cake with a generous dollop of icing. :o)

Coloring melted white chocolate

For the candy, all you need is almond bark or wedding white chocolate melts and Wilton gel coloring. Melt a bowl full of candies in the microwave.

spooning melted chocolate 2

Then stir in the color and spoon in to the mold. Pop it in the fridge and in a few minutes they candies harden. I added popsickle sticks before I cooled the candies.

Spoon melted white chocolate over hardened yellow

If you want to do yellow centers, pour them first and let harden..then pour the white on top and add the sticks.  Don’t let any water get near the melted candy or molds or the candy will get grainy and look bad.


Then I wrote the message and names being sure to add plenty of corn syrup to thin down the icing..and finished with a top shell border. Adding the butterflies was the last step.  

If this doesn’t get you into the mood for spring..I don’t know what will!

If you have any questions, be sure to email me. :o)
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Debby said...

It looks so pretty and yummy as well.

Trudy said...

Donna, you are amazing. There is no end to your talents. This was such a cute and gorgeous cake. And it was very yummy as I was lucky enough to try it out.

Julia said...

Ohhhhh so pretty! I would hate to cut it!!!! I'm supposed to make a dessert for a Lenten Luncheon at church this week. I may do cupcakes with butterflies. Thanks for the idea!
Your spring pictures from your last post are sooooo pretty, too.

meg said...

So pretty! I know it's for babies but it so reminded me of spring as well!
Yay, Spring!

Needled Mom said...

Very clever, Donna. You do such a beautiful job on whatever you tackle.

Hills N Valleys said...

Wow I am impressed! (but not surprised;) Very pretty.

nanasknoll said...

I just thought the cake was so cute and what great ideas for decorating it.

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