Fabulous Hand Painted Batiks…by McKenna Ryan

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Fabulous Hand Painted Batiks…by McKenna Ryan

Small version of Colorado Rockies

This picture is of a 1 1/2’ by 2’ wall hanging I made to ‘practice’ the 3 foot by 5 foot wall hanging, I’m designing for my friend, Kim. It’s called the Colorado Rockies. The colors in these fabrics perfectly match the daring colors in Kim's home...deep purple, rich gold, vivid green...

Scenic fabrics

Just this week the hand painted fabric from Batiks Plus (designed by artist McKenna Ryan)  that I ordered for my project arrived. Oh my..these fabrics are just about to ‘die’ for! I told Kim that though they are very expensive ($12.50 per yard) that for a fabric art piece..you couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.

forest for a moutain range

 Forest scene to be used for a closer range of hills

sand in my shoes.
This is called Sand in my Shoes…It will be used for sky.

She knows very little about quilts or fabric art, but trusted my judgment. I was so nervous..you sure don’t want to buy too much..but you need to have enough. This is just step five in the process which started over a year ago.
 forest and border
      for fields of heather
golden meadows
Gold for the meadow

I’ve done the research, computer mockup, a fabric mock up (above), drawn the true size pattern and it’s ready to cut out. Ordering the fabric was the next step. 

hand painted batiks patterned
Heather covered hills, meadows, forest, and border

Next step will be to ‘practice’ some 3-dimensional ‘texturing’ (rather than quilting) to give the effect of mountains, heather covered hills, meadow, running water..fluffy clouds etc. 

wood fur and trees
Deer Skin, Forest Range, Wood Grain for Fence Posts

Some details are not shown here like the deer grazing and the rough hewn fence posts with barbed wire.  All in good time…  I’m not working on it this week as I have my grandbabies here as you know. I’ve also developed a cold.  I’ve had ‘spring break’ company since last week so I haven’t gotten to visit near as much as I’d like to, and do apologize for that.

blue river
Blue Mottled Fabric for River Water

purple hills
Another purple for a hills…

Thanks so much for your sweet comments this last two weeks when I haven’t had much computer time to reciprocate. You’ve blessed me so much!  I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress…and hopefully, this will be ready for the October art show that Shona hosts. In fact I hope it’s done by May..but we do have a graduating child this year.   Life never slows down does it?

purple moutains majesty
Three shades of mottled purple for the mountain ranges in the back.

Even if you don’t sew, I was pretty sure you would enjoy seeing this incredible fabric. Is there any one who doesn’t just LOVE beautiful fabric? Sigh…I just want to stare at it some times. :o)  Do enjoy this little ‘sneak peek’ at my fabric art project in progress.

Have a lovely week!

Today at Our House...a Trip to the Park

 Flowers for Grandma...(me!)

Brennan and Colin

 Amanda and Nikolai

Uncle Christian and the grandsons explore...


Kathy said...

Oh, Hello Donna,
Amazing fabrics - this should turn out wonderfully, how creative! I hope you have a marvelous time with your grandchildren - they're adorable.
God Bless,

Breathing In Grace said...

It's so nice to live vicariously thru you!!! I cannot wait to see how this turns out...the fabric is amazing!!! So happy you've been with your GRANDsons this past week...nothing like the blessing of GRANDbabies!!!

Trudy said...

Donna, these fabrics are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the completed project. Kim must be excited. Very sweet pics of your grandsons. I'm sure you are enjoying them very much. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, read my post and leave a comment in the midst of your very busy week. Enjoy the rest of your week with your grandbabies.

Kerrie said...

Beautiful post as always!♥

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I read this post THREE times, I enjoyed it so much! I can't sew but I love fabric and the price of the fabric seems so reasonable considering they are hand painted! Amazing. Your grandchild were the icing on the cake with this post!

Caroline said...

I love the pictures of the littles. Tell me after you took the last photo, were they up to their knees in the mud puddle? Goose would have been ...

Your "practice" hanging is GORGEOUS. You really are a jack of all trades, and do so many amazing things. And you are right, those fabrics are just so yummy. The sort of thing I would keep in my stash because I couldn't bear to cut them and commit to one project. Beautiful.

Lorraine said...

beautiful fabric I love those colours..hope you are still playing with paint too :)

Debby said...

Those fabrics are a work of art. They wil make a beautiful finished product. Have fun with those Spring Breakers.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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