Fellowship...the Heart of Tea Time

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Fellowship...the Heart of Tea Time

My tea

Do you know what the best part of a tea party is? Well, I think it's chatting with friends! As I've said before, the guys just don't get it do they? How can we ladies have so much to talk about?

If the truth be told, though, I’m more of a ‘project’ person than a ‘people’ person. I like getting my money's worth out of 24 hours and don't even notice that I'm needing 'people' time...until I’m cranky! LoL!  But the Lord knows me and sends friends my way when I need them most.

Christi's tres dias cup

I knew I was going to be a wee bit lonely this last week when hubby, the kids and grandkids headed off to Seattle.  Enter my good friend Christi. Christi writes LachPach Pics (a family blog) . I love her stories about the kids' adventures.

You met her when she dropped by my place a couple of months ago to help sew a Tres Dias Banner.  Come to think of it, we had a great tea time chat that day too!

sewing with Christi

This week she needed the help and somehow I squeezed it into the schedule. After all, what are friends for?  Chatting with Christi reminded me that there is nothing quite like a little ‘girl’ talk!

Lachney kids

Her little ones made me laugh out loud..literally. 'Mrs. Rodgers…can you sit by me?..Can I take a picture too? Mrs. Rodgers..stand still..I’m going to take YOUR picture" (Oh my..must we?)  Priceless! 

tea time

I had to giggle when Christi, a regular reader of Comin' Home, pulled out her tea cups shortly after my arrival. "Sure," I agreed,  "Let's have tea..and Yes..of course I brought the camera!"  (I was secretly so pleased. :o)

She’s too funny—so much like my stoic daughter, Rebekah. She loves my tea posts...“It helps me understand how people like you think.” (Meaning emotional people of course.) Frankly, talking to Christi helped me understand better how my daughter thinks.(i.e. logical people). I just had to laugh about that. She’s got such a dry sense of humor. 

Working and chatting with Christi always feels like being part of an old fashioned sewing bee. I didn't think I had time for tea..or sewing, but I'm so glad she called me.  The girl time  and the substitute 'grandbaby' time (with her kiddos) were just what a busy mom like me needed. I just didn't know it.

It was the perfect time...for tea!

I'm running fast today, so I can only share one tea party and Lady Katherine's was my favorite!   The serene scene of white china and  the view through her garden windows were like a breath of fresh air...

And best of all were her lovely hens...they look so like my own used to!
 I once had 35 and they all had names...I know..crazy huh?

 Please drop by Lady Katherine's for a visit and keep her in your prayers too. She and her father are both having health issues. She's having surgery next week too.

What about you? Are you a people person..

or a project person? 
Do grab a cup of tea and join us. I'd love to hear from you. :o) 

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Anonymous said...

I'm a project person. Not that I'm unsocial,I'm have a hard time trusting people at times and so the best way to work out my issues is to have some time to "chat" with my own thoughts and then confide in a true friend.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love a tea party and a project...but you are much more handy than I.
Mary Ann

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dear lady,

What a delightful teatime post!

Yes, it is always wonderful to enjoy the warmth of hospitality with teatime shared with others!.., Your delightful teatime pictures and precious family are heartwarming.

And for me, projects are always fun!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for visitng us for once again for TTTT and also for my 72nd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', blog tea party.

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Wanda Lee said...

Dear, dear Donna,

Let me assure you, you are not alone, nor forgotten!..,

I really do have to run for now and just as soon as I'm able I will be delighted to add you to our list of lovely ladies who host teaime Tuesday memes!..,It will I assure you, be my pleasure!

I do know how this experience in blogland is bittersweet at times and for me personally, how it ca unintentionally;'sting'at times when we feel somewhat alone in blogland and how this feels, believe me!..,Yet I do love the experience overall, as do you.

~ I am so happy that we found each other my newest bloggy friend!

Hugs and love from Wanda Lee

Kelly said...

I think I'm both... when I have my projects I forget that people exist LOL. But then there are times when my soul just yearns for companionship of a good friend and I remember how wonderful it feels. Thanks for sharing your tea time with blog land!
God is so good isn't He?

Big hugs


Caroline said...

I'm definitely a project person. I love the sense of accomplishment. I don't "like" people, but like you I get cranky and then realize I need to be around them. This afternoon I've been paying bills (of course, it's the first of the month!) and then when I was done looking at blogs, and when I saw your postI made myself a little pot of tea and will sit and enjoy it for a few before I am off to something else...

Donna said...

Countrymama...I do understand that. There was a time when I was nervous around people..I admit..it was a long time ago! Now, I love them. I'm glad, at least, that we can have our little chats via email. It's almost as good as a real 'tea time'. :o)

Dear Wanda, I hope I didn't confuse you. I just didn't know that anyone out there in bloggy-land was actually doing tea parties. Can you believe that I thought my good friend Rayanne was the only one? I have to laugh over that one a bit. Thanks to Natasha I sort of stumbled across a whole teapot full of tea drinkers out there. How fun! Thanks for your kindness though. :o)

Caroline, You are so sweet..and real. I'm glad you made your pot of tea today. Rebekah and I did the same thing although we used coffee cups for some reason today. I think we needed more than just a one cup dose. Ha!


Donna said...

Kelly..you always amaze me with your energy. It must be the artist in you! I sooo relate to that. I think I could be happy just doing projects forever..but then when I get to spend an afternoon..or go on a walk with my new neighbor..gosh, we just talk each other's ears off. But that's for NEXT week's tea post. :o)

Scone Queen said...

Dear Tea Friend!

I am most definitely a people person, but a frustrated project person as well. The people person in me is constantly battling with the would-be project person and there is never a dull moment in my internal dialogue! Thank you for yourkind comments at my blog, The Tea Trolley. They and YOU were much appreciated!

Terri said...

So lovely that you were able to meet up with a friend and lend a hand while your husband was away. She has a very pretty tea cup there too!
Our women friends are such a dear comfort and source of inspiration! What a blessing.

meg said...

Does it sound strange to say that I miss my husband when we are separated but I don't really get lonely? Maybe because of so many Navy cruises, I've become accustomed to keeping myself company. And while I try to be personable I don't really 'chat' much, over tea or otherwise. Especially online! I guess it's why I don't leave many comments although I am a voracious blog reader. I was also hurt badly by someone I had been friends with since childhood and that has made me guarded and careful about how much and to whom I talk.

Unknown said...

Hello Friend!
What a lovely tea it was. I'm frantic this week getting ready for Tres Dias and I could use a cup of tea with a friend this week!

Rae said...

I am a project person for sure.
I really enjoyed your tea time post! I tried earlier to leave a comment, but I could not, I think it was blogger,anyway, I got through.
Thanks Donna, you are a lovely hostess!!!!

Between you, me and the Fencepost said...

A people person. All the way. I go a little batty without some social time. I'm lucky to have sisters and a mom that are always ready for a coffee and a visit!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Donna,
I like my quiet time, believe me. I raised three handsome boys and it was always a very noisy household when they were here, so I do appreciate my quiet times now. Of course ministry keeps one busy as well but I do enjoy having people in. I have been hosting a Bible Study in our home for years. I do enjoy having tea with my hubby when he comes home from work. It gives us a chance to spend some quality time together.
Thank you for coming by and having tea with me. I'm sorry I'm a bit late with my visits this week as I've been sick with the flu. Hope the rest of your week is lovely.


Anonymous said...

Sharing a cup of tea with a friend is priceless and dosen't the time just fly, but always well spent!
Treasured moments! Yvette x

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Donna: I am sorry I late this week. Just had to stop by and say hi. Love your post today. I use to quilt, it is so peaceful. I can't see as well to do it any more. Thank you for sharing your heart and your day with us. Blessings, Martha

Micupoftea said...

Great post, nice photos, fun times! So glad you have a sweet friend to share a cup with. I enjoyed your sense of humor re. your daughter's comment! lol~
I think I am both a people person and a project person. I do not mind entertaining myself, however. I like to do projects and the sense of satisfaction upon completing something well done. :)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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