Summer Fun with the Girls

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Summer Fun with the Girls


Hi Friends, It's Sunday night, and I finally have a few minutes to 'blog'. I guess I should have taken my official 'blog vacation' this week instead of last considering that I got a lot more blogging last week. :o)


My daughter's friends arrived for a 'girly' weekend on Thursday and it's been a whirlwind of fun ever since.  

They had a lot of fun dressing up, 




and walking the beach in Galveston.

Tim and I celebrated our anniversary  tonight (though it is tomorrow) by dinner out and a little romantic treat... a gift from my wonderful secret sister--champagne glasses, champagne, and can you believe it...the movie Julie and Julia!! Yippee! It really is quite romantic and hubby enjoyed it thoroughly. (Thank You!!) I'll tell you all about that tomorrow..after a late morning nap, which I'm guessing I'm going to need.

As I type this, Dear Hubby is packing for a week long business trip. We leave at 4 a.m (Yes, I'm STILL up. Must be crazy!!)  

Kristin, Kaylene, and my daughter, Rebekah in their 'nautical' style outfits.

I thought I'd just let you know that I didn't fall off the edge of the planet--I  just got too busy to blog. I honestly don't think that's ever happened before!  I've had lots of company for dinner, spent hours on the phone with my son from Afghanistan (he's coming home soon!), and of course, had 'tea' with the girls. What a week!


In the meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy these great photos that Kaylene, Kristin, and my daughter Rebekah took on their trip.

What's coming up this week? 
How to Use the Sidetracked Home Executives system
What Makes an Anniversary Special, Tea with 'The Girls'
  Learning to Cook..again
Summer Fun Indoors~Making and Playing a Glass Harp 
How to Make Your Own Fabric Wall Art

I'm so excited about my new profile picture and hope you like it. :o) It was the talented work of Kaylene who has a photography business.  I do hope you are all having a great week! I'll see you soon. I'm off to help hubby pack the last bits. (Yes Dear--the whites are clean. :o) 

What are you doing for fun this summer?


Needled Mom said...

Your new profile picture is great, Donna. I noticed it right away.

It sounds like it was a busy week and the girls are so cute together.

Happy anniversary!!!!!

Debby said...

I noticed your picture right away as well. It's a really good picture of you. Glad to hear your son will be home soon. Prayer for him.

Debby said...

Oooops Happy

Trudy said...

Your new profile picture is beautiful. You are looking fabulous. I love the colors, so bright and cheery; and your accessories are perfect.

I'm so excited that Matthew is coming home from Afghanistan soon. I can only imagine how happy and relieved you must be.

Loved the pictures of Rebekah and her friends' fun weekend. Oh to be young again. (sigh)

Next week I'll be taking Emily and Martin to a week long art camp at the library as our last hurrah before Samantha arrives. Other than that, I am hobbling along.

Tomorrow's post is a show and tell of my vintage pattern collection, 115 patterns, from the 40s to the 70s.

Happy anniversary to you and Tim.

Amy said...

A happy anniversary to you!!
What delightful pics of your daughter and her friends. Looks like a great time:)

Jill said...

I love your new profile picture! It looks great! The girls look like they had a fabulous time! So awesome to get a girls day once in awhile. :-) Happy anniversary to you and Tim! I love that movie Julie and Julia! Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

Donna, your new pic looks great! Love the patterned top and jewelry. You look mar-va-lous!
~ Monique

Terri Bonin said...

Donna, your pics are BEAUTIFUL!! Do you do all your own photography? BTW...I made one of your recipes tonight from your survival days emalsi; it looks amazing. We will eat it tomorrow night. Thank you for all you share.

Maria Killam said...

Stunning photo, I totally love it! And what a beautiful photos in this post! I wish we had summer here.

Kristin said...

Ah, Mrs. Rodgers, what a sweet post! Thank you so much for hosting us. I have missed you guys and it was lovely to see you again while spending time with your beautiful family. Thank you for making our stay so pleasant...especially with those delicious goodies. :)

Donna said...

Terri, I do MOST of my photography, but these were all taken by the girls themselves. I didn't go with them to Galveston. :o) They graciously let me share the pix with you. :O)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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