Thank you… Dear Readers

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Thank you… Dear Readers

thank you For some reason, that no one, including me, could ever explain, I’ve been feeling kind of ‘slumpy’ this week.  Usually, if I go through one of those ‘spells I don’t mention it here at Comin’ Home...  I just keep at it and eventually I get over it.

I don’t think it has anything to do with blogging, which I love doing! I love sharing new ideas and I love visiting you guys. More than I can say.

YOU are wonderful!

Pizza, Rebekah, Tiger 014

But have you ever had one of those days? Weeks? (Hopefully not years! Yipes!) where you feel kind of ‘yucky’?  How do you get out of ‘a slump’?

Between hubby being gone for a trip, new puppy, doctor’s appointments for Jacob (still trying to get a definitive answer on his medical exemption to the military) , the backlog of ‘to do items’ and probably trying too many new things at once (Sooo typical for me ) not to mention living on juice which is NOT inspiring as compared to peanut butter cookies-- I feel tired.

I am certain it is TEMPORARY.

pedicure 007

Frankly, the laundry room has been complaining. I think she’s in a funk because I haven’t visited her lately and now she’s getting her revenge. Stinker…. Of all the things…. I simply despise doing when I’m in a’s laundry! I refuse to budge!

Guess I need to read one of my previous posts and get inspired—Tee-hee! That is just too ironic, if you think about it….but not such a very bad idea really.

So rather than write nothing, I thought I’d just send out all of you lovely wonderful DEAR readers a big THANK YOU.  Thank you for reading. Thank you for telling me that what I shared yesterday, or last week, or last year, helped you or brought sunshine into your life.

Blogging 016

Thank you blogging friends who comment so regularly and write such lovely posts yourself. You really are the sweetest ladies ever and are like flowers in a garden…all different shapes …….styles…fragrances… but truly ALL flowers in the lovely garden of life.

Thank you to my friends on Networked Blogs and Google Followers. I SEE when you join…every single time. And I smile..REALLY BIG and wonder who you are. Do you blog? Why did you drop by? I’m so glad you’ve come!

Whoever you are, I dance a little jig when I see your picture.  I often try to visit but many of you are simply readers and don’t have a blog. Still, I’m glad and I just have to say WELCOME! I’m glad you’ve come by. Sometimes, I don’t have time to send a message. But I AM grateful you joined.Message Board

And to all of you who subscribe by email each one of you are WONDERFUL women and though I don’t know you personally, I appreciate you more than I can say.  :o)

If EVER you have a question, or want to share something, just let me know. I’d love to say Hello back and I’ll do my best to answer you ASAP.  Friends like Nicole, Millicent, and Jaime (and my dear MOM), who regularly email me mean a LOT to me.

And now, there’s Facebook. One minute I was getting 15 visits a day and suddenly, for no reason I can discern, there are 900 to 2500 visits per post. I know so little about Facebook that I can’t tell where everyone is coming from…but if you are reading this post, just know that I’m amazed…and grateful..and humbled.  Thank you too.  Your visits mean a LOT to me.Donna's Wall Paper 

So, tired, or no..I shall go on posting, happily, though it may not be as often as I would wish. I’m sure by next week, I’ll be whizzing right along as usual.

After all….it’s just a slump.  In the meanwhile, I just want to say THANKS for being here…and for being YOU!

PS. I included a wall paper (above) that I made…just for you. Right click to save it to your desk top.  :o)

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GlorV1 said...

Oh Donna. Tomorrow is another day. I do hope you get over your slump because life is just to precious to miss a day with the utmost glee. I love your new profile picture. You look so pretty and it looks like you are wearing something colorful. Very nice. Everything will be all right, you have God at your side. Take care and have a great weekend amiga. Go make tortillas!!!! heheheheh oh I mean tee hee. :DDDDD

Debby said...

You are just so sweet. Feeling down and thanking others. I look forward to your posts.
I am feeling the slump as well.....migraines and the heat are the cause.
I feel bad when I don't do anything but we shouldn't.
Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Trudy said...

You are probably just overworked and overtired and need a little rest and refreshment. You just go and go and go. I often wonder how you do it and not get burned out. So maybe this is just a little temporary burnout. Take a long bubble bath, read a good book, order takeout, just pamper yourself for a few days and try not to accomplish too much. Give yourself permission to take a vacation from doing for everyone. Maybe explain to your family how you are feeling and see if they would be willing to pitch in a little more the next few days to help you recoup.

Maryissewfast said...

Sorry to hear you are in a slump Donna, but I understand how you feel...I go through that too. I want to thank you for your circular skirt tutorial. A friend asked me to make her a circular "pitbull skirt" and when I saw the tutorial was written by you, I knew the project would turn out just fine! I appreciate your posts and pray for peace and a sense of wellbeing return to you.

Donna said...

How exciting Mary about the skirt! I'm glad you can use it. We plan to teach all the girls (teens) how to make matching skirts using my post. I love it when those 'funky' ideas pop in my brain.

Gloria and Trudy, thanks so much for the encouragement. As a matter of fact, the kids and I went to Chick-filet and had a chicken salad and then we went to the theatre to watch Larry Crowne. What a wonderfully funny and cheering movie. We smiled all the way home. Now I'm going to call hubby. I feel quite rested. :o)

Debby, thanks for the sweet comment. Hope you get to feeling better. Migraines are just awful! I don't get them, but Dear Hubby does.

Tomorrow I'm off to a teen square dance workshop for the day. I think it will be a lot of fun even if I don't get to dance. I'm putting together the store of used clothes for our 37 new dancers..most teenage! That will certainly be fun. :o) Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Donna, just read this post and hope you are feeling much better. Doing your usual work load is difficult while juicing but I'm betting you are still chugging along way more than you think you are. Also, if you are having extremely hot weather in your parts, that's an energy zapper too.

Maybe this is a good time to rest and do something you enjoy for a bit. If anyone deserves some R&R, you do. Hope you can take some time for yourself.


“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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