Touring Historic and Romantic San Antonio

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Touring Historic and Romantic San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the loveliest places I've visited in a very long time.  It has everything I look for in a vacation spot...good food, comfortable lodgings, lush scenery, and intriguing historical buildings.

When it comes to architecture and history, I'm an addict..though not an informed one. :o) But the most important ingredient is to get to spend time with friends and family.   It got me to thinking about stress in our lives and how critical it is to keep it manageable for our health and our relationships.

If you've never been to San Antonio, be sure to read more. I've included lots of photos of truly amazing places to see.

What a memorable treat my visit with Maria Killam of Color Me Happy was this week! She met Hubby and I for dinner one night while we were both there and we had a fabulous visit. We wanted a touristy spot, since this is her first time to visit Texas, but as you know...there's 'touristy' and then there's 'welcoming'. 

 Maria and I in San Antonio at dinner.

Las by Maria

 We decided to head further down the riverwalk to a quieter place, Las Ramblas.  Leave it to Maria to notice the yellow candle and awning and the black and white curl pattern on the chairs. :o) 

She sees great color and patterns everywhere she goes.   If you read Maria's blog regularly, you'll start to see the world with new eyes I assure you! In fact, if you are interested in what the newest trends in colors will be this coming year, you might want to drop by. She just posted some great information gleaned from attending the Color Marketing Group Conference here in San Antonio.

The dinner was delicious but the company was better. Maria is just as sweet and fun in real life as she is on her blog! I'm so glad we got a chance to meet.  We had a great time chatting about the last year and our families. 

We even had a good bloggy chat. It's always great to get another blogger's feedback. Mostly, though, we, three, just had a great visit. Hubby's heard so much about her that he wanted to meet her too.

Hubby walking after lunch.

The fact that we had to combine business with pleasure didn't bother me one bit. If you have to go to a business convention, then the convention center in San Antonio is the place to go! Hubby and I enjoyed walks along the river during lunch breaks. The scenery was truly enchanting!

The Historic Masonic Lodge in San Antonio
The Governor's Palace Garden

St. Mary's Catholic Church (painted in Czech style)
I really enjoyed the  spouse's program at the SEG convention this year including the card making workshop and a bus tour of historic buildings in downtown San Antonio. What a friendly bunch of ladies!

The hard part, is that I'm not too good at 'not working' while I'm on vacation. Can you believe I packed up my Dad's tax papers to work on while we were here?  You will be pleased to hear that I did NOT work on them. Instead, I just 'wasted' time..Yipes!

Hubby and I had an thought provoking chat about the high cost of stress...when it comes to relationships. Why are we so stressed out ladies?  Hubby and I have been doing our best to 'de-stress' our lives by
  • simplify our possessions
  • trimming down our outside commitments
  • limiting news and media
  • limiting electronic input
  • getting outside for a walk
  • going to bed earlier (more sleep!)
  • eating right

There are lots of ways but the important thing is to realize that people are FOREVER...stuff, games, phone calls...they can WAIT. 

Less stuff means more time to be polite, gracious, attentive, and thoughtful to those around you. If you find yourself being irritable, fatigued, or depressed, you might want to do a mid year evaluation of some of the above items. Funny how you have to 'get away' to figure out how to be happy at home sometimes. 

 A gift from a client company. Talk about colorful!

How about you?  Do you think we are over inundated with choices and noise? How do you spell V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N?


Jill said...

These pictures are gorgeous! How great to meet another bloggy friend! Thanks for sharing!


GlorV1 said...

I agree, the pictures are fantastic Donna. By the way dear, you called me Maria on your comment at my blog, tee hee. That's okay though. I'm glad you had a lot of fun. When my hubbers gets ready to retire we want to find a place in NM which is close to Texas. I would love to visit Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. Great post and beautiful Texas. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics; didn't know this was such a beautiful pic.

So agree with you about de-stressing by eliminating news. I try not to turn on the TV in the mornings. Haven't been able to not listen entirely to new but I do try.


Anita Junttila said...

Maria sent me a text telling me she was visiting you. I send her a text back telling her to give you a kiss and hug for me. Your blog has given me some wonderful inspiration and advice I love to read it.

Your new header is beautiful I love it!

Breathing In Grace said...

So glad you had such a great time. The pictures are gorgeous. Love the new look of your blog, too!!!

Donna said...

Thanks everyone. Anita..I'm so sorry you weren't there. :o( One day though, I'll get up to Washington and we'll visit. Though I have no idea how far you are from there.

I'm so glad everyone likes the new look. I've wanted to do SOMETHING like this for a year now. I just couldn't figure out what. :o)


Needled Mom said...

I loved all of the pictures, Donna. We have a convention in SA every few years and it is a fabulous place to go.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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