Eating by the 'Rules' Can Help You Lose Weight Forever

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Eating by the 'Rules' Can Help You Lose Weight Forever

Oh my goodness! Who would have thought that following a few simple rules for eating could speed my weight loss progress?  Thank you Bob Greene from "My Best Life"!         Credit

Here are the rules for losing weight that he suggests we abide by. ( I dropped another pound in two days following these rules--Total weight loss of 13.5 pounds since Sept. 5!)
  •  Rule 1: Don't eat after 7:30pm.
  •  Rule 2: Exercise 30 min. a day. 
  •  Rule 3: Drink lots of water. 
  •  Rule 4: Switch to Low-fat Dairy, 
  •  Rule 5: No EMOTIONAL EATING. 
  •  Rule 6: Ask Am I REALLY HUNGRY? 
  •  Rule 7: No Soda,
  •  Rule 8: No Alcohol. (Until you lose all of your weight.)
  •  Rule 9: No fried foods. 
  •  Rule 10. No trans fats. 

And I thought I was 'stuck'. These rules are great!  Visit him at The Best Life Blog.

What I love best is that he addresses the heart of why we are overweight--over eating and emotional eating and challenges us to really focus on this. Why do we eat more than we should? 

My solution is simple...take all of that stress, discouragement, or even the desire to 'reward' myself with the Lord. Eating is a poor way to comfort ourselves... What do you think?


Needled Mom said...

The rules certainly make sense.

GlorV1 said...

Yes those rules do make sense and usually I just moderate. For me, that works. Moderation is the key and I have heard Bob Greene say that on the Oprah show once upon a time when she was skinny. tee hee. Have a great day.

Cindy said...

Congratulations for the weight loss!! I do most of these...I think I need to cut back on the how much I eat...then maybe...!!

Keep it up! And yes all to the Lord!!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Donna said...

Thanks girls! I'll be visiting you all tonight...Lord willing!

claudia b said...

I read something that really brought it home for me - Do not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog.

Great post, Donna, I like these rules ;D

Kelly said...

Hi Donna;
It has been awhile since I have been here! Thanks for posting this useful information (as always). I hope you are doing well.
Big hugs and blessings

Donna said... are right--moderation really is 'the key'. It's so easy to eat too much. Isn't that the real problem..that and sitting in front of a computer or TV too much. LOL!

In the book, French Women don't get Fat, she says that diets are too extreme. Just avoid your worst food offenders and eat smaller portions. Treats--just a bite or two and be sure to savor them.

Don't eat on the run but sit down and savor your food but eat less of it, was her best advice. :o)

Are you sure you aren't French Gloria?


Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

I do love the rules. I find for me less in more. Less pasta and more veggies. :-)


Maria Killam said...

those are such great tips, I've been following 'don't eat at night' rule for years, it works so well!

Anita Junttila said...

Eating at bed time is a killer for my diet plans ! I love little snacks when the wee one is in bed and I'm watching one of my favorite shows or reading (reading "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge and I love it!) There is always something yummy in the pantry or hubby has brought home a bag of chips . . .

Chili said...

Hi Donna!
I already heard these tips, altough I heard some of them a bit differently.
Rule 1: don't eat after 6:00 pm (because you are up and awake for a few more hours, so if you ate stg at 6 you still have time to digest is properly and won't go to bed with full belly) But I think things may be different for everyone, depending on how much a late night person you are :)
Rule 4: about the low-fat dairy, I've actually read an article about these products, that they usually contain the same amount of sugar -in some cases more!- as the regular dairy products. I sadly confirmed this at my next grocery shopping. Low-fat means in some cases: a bit less fat and same amount of sugar. :( It is worth to check the ingredients every time!

(Sorry for my grammar mistakes!My english is not really good, that's why I don't comment more often)

Anonymous said...

Donna, congrats on your weight loss. Did you do the happy dance? Thanks for the tips.

I didn't realize there was the sugar content was the same in low fat foods. Wow. Chilli, thanks for posting this info and your English is very good.


Elisabeth Rodgers said...

You are SO right. Most of the time (and I am talking about items other than dairy) the 'low-fat' is just a gimmick. These items have at least the same amount of sugar, often even more, to compensate for the taste lost with the fat. Another thing to consider is that the type of sugar added is usually way worse for our bodies than the fat that got reduced in the first place. With dairy products, you can really cut calories by cutting the fat without adding too much sugar, but less fat in milk just tastes gross, haha :)

Donna said...

Since I don't buy dairy products with sugar in them, I never thought to warn you about that. Low-fat does not always mean low-calorie.

My suggestion is to substitute low fat dairy products like plain yogurt, sour cream, cheese, milk and butter. These are basic products that we can LEARN to like in a low-fat form.

I never thought I could get used to lower fat cheese or sour cream and especially milk, but now, Rebekah and are used to it. We ARE saving on calories, but more importantly on bad fat...the kind that raises your cholesterol and clogs your arteries.

It's a great step to take!


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