Making Fabric Crib Wall Art: The Story of Samantha's Flowers

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Making Fabric Crib Wall Art: The Story of Samantha's Flowers

Once upon a time there was born a very special baby girl...  She had a cherry red bumper and a deep pink and orange bedside lamp but as yet, nothing adorned the wall above her crib.

So her fairy grandmother waved her magic wand...and blew some of the bright little flowers off of her dress...and onto the wall....   with a kiss.

Well... no... that's not exactly how it happened. (Tee-hee!)  

But the fact is that when I went to visit my sweet friend Trudy, of Sewing with Trudy, her darling baby Samantha was wearing the cutest little suit with flowers that 'just happened' to match the colors of her crib bumper pad..and the bedside lamp. 

It occurred to me that it would take very little effort to make a couple of big flowers to hang on the wall.

Trudy's baby shower was just around the that became my deadline.  You can read all about Trudy's wonderful shower which I was privileged to be a part of. (I gave a short devotional just for her. Thanks Terri for the invite!) 

It made me so happy to 'christen' our new sewing room out in my husband's office building (near our house)  by making Trudy and Samantha's flowers. 

I wanted to make something bright and simple to help Samantha work at turning her head a different direction. This was one of Trudy's goals for her development, since Samantha has Down's Syndrome.

This project was so quick and easy, that my daughter said, "Mom..I hate to even suggest it...but these would be great to sell."  (I tend to go overboard on projects like that. :o)

As far as we can all tell...Samantha loves her new flowers. Certainly Trudy loves them. :o) 

If you want to read more about a very special mom...raising a very special family...just drop by Sewing With Trudy..and tell her I sent you.  Her faith and courage will inspire you!

 Do keep her in your prayers as she learns to juggle the demands of a new baby and a new kind of life as a mom who already has plenty on her plate. 

We love you Trudy!

 Samantha's photos were all taken by Marty Callan, Trudy's husband. 


Trudy said...

I love that little story. I'll have to print it out. This was a sweet post. Thank you again for the gorgeous flowers. I love them sooo much. And thank you for sharing our story and asking others to pray. We appreciate as many prayers as anyone wants to send our way. You are a good friend.

kim--nannykim said...

Hi, yes, it has been a while since visiting you. I am trying to do a bit more blogging lately---I had not done much visiting of blogs due to other life things! Your new Photo (new to me--your profile pic) makes you look too young to also have a child. I will have to visit Trudy's blog.

nannykim said...

I meant to have a grandchild!

nannykim said...

I also meant to say your sewing/craft room looks so nice and cheerful and sunny. I would like to see the flowers on the wall....perhaps Trudy will show them.

Maria Killam said...

Donna I love this post, what a beautiful flower you made! And that picture of you is stunning!!
You are a special and generous woman!

Hills N Valleys said...

PRICELESS. Your gift and the little miss herself. I haven't had a lot of time to read blogs but I have really missed yours and Trudy's. I must get caught back up with them!! Hugs to you and Trudy!

Donna said...

Thanks friends! I'm trying to get back in the swing myself. I've missed you all too.

And I'm on grandchild #6 Kim...I'm 48. I guess that's old enough. lol...but with three KIDS still at feels pretty strange also having six GRANDKIDS.

Of course, my baby is 17 and the 19 and 21 yr.olds are getting close to moving out on their I won't be a mom with kids at home for much longer..but at least the next two or three years.

By that time I'll probably have seven grandkids. :o) I know who I'll be sewing for!

See you on Tuesday!


Caroline said...

I visit Trudy's blog from time to time and read her story of the beautiful baby shower you all threw for her to welcome Samantha. The flowers are a GENIUS idea but I am sure she was even more blessed by the encouragement of a sister in Christ reminding her that every child is specially made and precious in God's eyes. And thankful that there are older Christian women who honestly share their struggles while still trusting God. (this includes YOU) Thank you.

Needled Mom said...

I saw the wall design on Trudy's blog and thought it was lovely. I can imagine that Samantha will find happiness in it as she searches out the bright colors. Nice job, Donna.

Donna said...

Thanks so much Mary and Caroline. You ladies are such good seamstresses yourselves. :o) It's great to hear from you.


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