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Bursting and Budding in the Sunshine

Everything's budding and springing up around here!  I had to share a few more photos of all the pretties popping up. :-)

I am just getting back into the swing  of things so I don't have any great organizational gems to share this week, but I am feeling much better today.  The laundry doesn't look quite so daunting.  I tackled the kitchen with cleaning gusto--albeit with one hand. 

School is going well as my youngest son and I tackle the intricacies of negative exponents and the proper use of turn signals and right of way courtesies.  He drove me to our little country market yesterday with no major mishaps.   (Hurrah!)

The best news is that I have yet to take any medication for pain today. My last pill was at 5am.  That's nine hours ago!  I really think my arm has turned a corner in the healing process.  I've felt so optimistic today and more able to focus on work.

This morning, I just had to grab the camera to get a few photos of all the pretty buds pushing there way up through winter's deadfall...

 These bulbs were replants from last year's tulips and daffodils that hubby brought home to me from the grocery store! I'm so happy they survived the summer's drought and long winter rains.  Looks like they need some thinning out.

These little green onions were an impulse buy at our local feed store.  We are basically growing a salad garden. I love green onions!

Rebekah and I are making good use of our small flowerbed. 

We have lettuce, onions, and basil growing ...

and tomato plants in the windowsill waiting for warmer temperatures before making their debut.

It always surprises me when I get down on my knees in the dirt to admire the beauty of Spring's first growth.

Even the weeds boast of tiny beauty...deceptively so I think...We don't want these pretties spreading do we?

I'm so amazed and enthralled at the exquisite beauty of things that go so often unnoticed by most of us in the busy hustle and bustle of daily life..

How the Lord must have enjoyed planning and lovingly creating each flower of the field.

How appropriate that we take a moment today to admire His handiwork.

Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

Hopefully, I will be able to start visiting you all...If my wrist will hold out.  Why the mouse causes so much pain I don't know, but it does.

How I've missed your posts!  I do hope you are all well and not letting winter's gloom get you down.  Spring will be there before you know it!  Have a lovely week!

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A Primitive Homestead said...

Still have snow on the ground here but I can see the spring flowers peeking out from the blanket of white snow like yours. I am so ready for spring. You are way ahead having seedlings already grown. I put together my mini greenhouse last night. I will be getting seeds & starting them very soon. Your colorful blooms are pretty. So good to hear your doing better. My Son will be taking his drivers test next week. They seem to young to be on the road alone. Blessings!

Laura Gerencser said...

I love it when flowers first start to poke up!
(if u get the time, come check out my fabric giveaway!:))

claudia b said...

Oh look at your gorgeous plants!!! I want some of your lettuce :D Everything looks great, Donna!

Titbelsoeur toute seule said...

But where are you living ? in France, we are drowning under snow ;-)

Eftychia said...

So beautiful! You have such a talent in describing nature...!! Thank you!

Gloria said...

What a beautiful verse Donna. Thank you for that. I'm so very happy that things are looking up for you. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Excellent photos. I just love your home.

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