I'm Under the Weather, but the Flowers are Just Fine

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I'm Under the Weather, but the Flowers are Just Fine

I  wanted to pop in and send a little note to you all. I'm sick with a bad cold so this will have to be short. :)  I did want to let you know that between Rebekah's relentless 'encouragement' (lol) and my own determination, a great menu plan, and some challenging exercise, I've lost a lot of weight.Yippee!

I was just so surprised! The recipes from the Biggest Loser book are really yummy and make the transition to clean eating almost painless.  I have to cook more, but frankly, my health and fitness are worth it. I promised her not to tell you how much weight, until she gets to write her own post.

I am more encouraged about the thought of being able to truly get back to a normal weight than ever before. Hope is what I needed most. :)

On another topic, the flowers are blooming beautifully here. :) I couldn't resist sharing them. The tulips I planted last year (gifts from hubby) finally bloomed, along with our white bushes, whose name I don't know, and our camellias.

 In spite of my bad cold and misery, I could still manage to enjoy the fresh breezes from the deck and smile at the spring green of our tulip tree and palm trees. The tulips are gone, but the fresh green leaves brightened my day. What a glorious color!

Rebekah is busily planting zinnias, marigolds, and some mystery seeds from our good friend, Laurie. Her pansies and my Christmas bulbs are doing very well.

 Since she can't whip me into shape and keep me going on lunges and stretches, she's taking it out on her poor garden.  She's feeling better but I'm not there yet, so I'm glad she's expending her energy outdoors. LOL! She always needs a project to manage. For the moment, I'm off the hook. :)

My cast is off, and my wrist is stiff as anything. I missed the first therapy appointment today, due to the cold, but I've been doing exercises anyway.  It feels like I have arthritis or something. My whole hand aches, but when I work it, it begins to feel more normal.  I'm still very limited in the work I can do around the house, which still slows me down terribly.  I don't have a lot of spare time, but I'm getting more done than at the beginning, so that's good news.  I'm SO glad the cast is off!

With a house sale looming,  and a move, I've decided to at least de-clutter a box or bag a day in the potting shed. There are so many things we've kept because we 'might' need them, and now, I feel the freedom to get rid of them.  It's amazing what you can accomplish in one room, one box at a time! You should try it. :)   (Salvation army is gonna love us! )

We have lots of yard work to do, but I won't get to do much of it, sadly. It's feeling gloriously fresh and springy outside, but my job will be supervisor to the work crew. :) Guess I'll just have to get over it. LOL!  (Gee....where is that cup of tea and lawn chair?)

Our next craft project in co-op is quill pens, but that won't be till next week. Hopefully, I'll get to feeling better soon and can post our corn husk doll project and the quill pen one too.

Thanks so much for visiting while I've been under the weather...I'm looking forward to normal life one day soon! Your cheery encouragement on my weightloss journey is priceless. Thank you!


Caroline said...

I love your comment about "she always needs a project to manage" ... I think this is me too and KEvin is happy when it isn't him!

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures Donna! Can't wait till signs of spring start here :-) Hope you feel better soon!


claudia b said...

Gorgeous flowers!!! I hope you're feeling better soon :D

Kerrie said...

So happy for you! You go girl! Your flowers are beautiful. Sending you get well wishes and blessings today! Hugs, Kerrie

Rae said...

Praying you feel better soon, lovely flowers! Love you, Rayanne

Needled Mom said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and I am thrilled to hear of the success.

How is your arm doing? Do you still have the cast on?

Maria Killam said...

Yaay Donna! How is the house hunt coming by the way, you should post what you find, that would be fun to follow! Hope you feel better soon! xoxo Maria

Tee said...

Beautiful flowers, the colors are soooo vibrant. Makes me yearn for spring, it's still cold in my area.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

glad to catch up with you!
i've definitely been mia myself, so congrats on all your accomplishments! well done :)

GlorV1 said...

Glad your cast is off Donna. It probably feels very weird. Ayeeee! What great pictures you take and that book I will have to look up and see if it's on Kindle. Take care dear and happy to see you are doing so much better, cept for a cold. Get well soon.

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