Princess Dress with a Little Extra 'Pizzazz"- Simplicity 2569 with Online Shopping List!

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Princess Dress with a Little Extra 'Pizzazz"- Simplicity 2569 with Online Shopping List!

My sweet granddaughter, Lena.

My daughter-in-law, Elisabeth, wondered if I could make the granddaughters, Lena (5) and Lillie (1), princess dresses for Christmas. I thought that would be so fun and it was!  I fell in love with this Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2569.

While scanning the clearance aisles, I found some luminescent organza fabric and decided to substitute it for half the tulle. It was a bit more pricey, but on sale was not too bad and--wow--it really did add a lot of 'pizazz' to what would have been a fairly plain skirt.

Turns out the first dress was a bit too small for Lena so little Lillie will get the shorter pink one. I shortened the skirt because her mom thought it might be too much to manage for a toddler.

However, Lena, begged for a longer skirt and as I had to lengthen the bodice for her long torso anyway,  I made her dress the length called for by the pattern. Her dress was all in purples. It's hard to say which I like better!

 Matching up the skirt to gather proved to be a big challenge but gathering was very easy--surprisingly so. For this second skirt, I  just sewed two long rows of stitching as it gathered so easily.

This part was the hardest--stitching the gathered skirt to the lining, but even that went pretty well considering the thickness. The netting crushes down pretty flat when you actually stitch through all the layers.

If you are making the smallest size, I'd suggest trying to take out a bit of the width of the peplum because it's very wide on a toddler. I'm saving the scraps to make 18" doll dresses to match for their birthdays.  

Here's the shopping list for this pattern:

(Note: If you want to see a picture of an item, just hover over the link and it will pop-up. If it doesn't, you may need to disable adblock for my website.)

For the pink dress 



For the purple dress


Lillie, now 3, wearing dress B, and Lena, 5, wearing dress A.

On Skype, Lena and Lillie were prancing and dancing all over the  living room!  They were so enchanted with their new dresses.  Her mom said Lena never took her dress off all day.

 It's so fun sewing for grandchildren! 

 If you have a princess dress you've sewn and would like to share, send me the link on my contact form below. I'd love to see it!

Happy Homemaking!

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