Andrew and Elisabeth are engaged!

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Andrew and Elisabeth are engaged!

Andrew and Elisabeth are engaged to be married on April 20th. They have been in a courtship process with the Seagos and our family for the last year or so. Elisabeth is from Germany and has been living with the Seago family for the last 2 years. Her birth family, the Webers, will be coming from Germany to attend the wedding next spring.

Andrew and Elisabeth are both attending Montgomery County Junior College. Andrew is majoring in business management and Elisabeth is majoring in nutrition and health. Andrew is working almost full time as a bank teller and part time in sales. He should be full time at the bank soon. Bank of America reimburses him for all of his tuition and books and he is also getting Pell grants which is very helpful. He is attending mostly online classes right now. Elisabeth works part time for the college at their library. She is on a student visa and has to attend full time school in order to retain it.

Elisabeth is a very sweet and intelligent girl and one who loves the Lord very much. We have gotten to be very good friends over the last two years. She is also hardworking and thrifty too. She has even convinced Andrew to hit the thrift stores for bargains! She loves to buy party dresses and make them over for cute and very 'art-sy' church dresses or even for every day. She is very creative and artistic. Rebekah and I really enjoyed helping her make her own engagement announcements.

We don't know her family well, but we do know her father is a doctor and her brothers and father are very good musicians. In fact they will be playing at the wedding. Her father will be staying with us while he is here and we hope to get to know him better during that time. She has sisters fact I can't remember how many siblings she has but she loves her family and is very close to them.

She also has been unofficially 'adopted' by her American family, the Seagos. Ted Seago is our pastor and Johnnie and he have been like second parents to Elisabeth. They are all very close and have been helping Elisabeth with a lot of her wedding plans. I get to help too though and am really enjoying all of the preparations.

We hope that everyone can make it to the wedding so you can meet our new daughter-in-law to be!

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Rose said...

Praise the Lord! Tim & Donna, Congratulations! What a fine couple. It is so awesome to see the fruit of God's ways in our children. Miss you! The Barringers

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