Make a Joyful German!

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Make a Joyful German!

Up close view of appliqued piano keys.

Today, IF I have any spare time, like during the children's debate club meeting tonight, I will continue sewing the piano keys on this musically-themed wall hanging. I thought it might be fun to show the quilt in the 'raw' stage and then post it when finished.

My daughter-in-law's father, Klaus Dieter-Weber spent a week with us this month, and we are going to visit him for three weeks in December. He is a professional musician who plays piano, trumpet, violin and who knows what else and also sings in a professional choir. We will be attending 2-3 concerts a week in Germany!

I wanted to give him a Christmas gift, and he didn't want us to 'buy' anything, so I thought I'd make him a small quilt reflecting his interest in music. The quote in the center will be printed on cloth and I still have to check to make sure my German words are saying what I think they are. I would have put, " Making a joyful noise to God...but Klaus doesn't make I changed it to song.

I'm considering printing photos of our family playing our various instruments in oval shapes after 'antiquing' them with photo shop to applique in the corners of the quilt. There is still some planning to do here..and lots of quilting and applique. It will be interesting to see how it turns out!

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