SunBonnet Sue Applique Quilt

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SunBonnet Sue Applique Quilt

Hi Everyone,

I thought you all might like a 'sneak peak' at Elisabeth and Andrew's baby quilt that I have begun working on. The picture above shows the quilt blocks with all the pieces sewn to pellon backing and turned, ironed on and now ready to applique to the blocks. I will then need to embellish them with pretty things like lace, buttons, appliques etc.

And of course they still need to be sewn with pink or green sashing strips and cornerstones to make into a quilt top. I plan to take these to Germany to hand stitch and embellish. By January, I should have plenty of time to sew the sashing strips and cornerstones into the top and be ready to quilt the baby blanket. A baby shower will be coming up soon!

The pattern is very traditional and is called "Sunbonnet Sue". Rebekah has a beautiful quilt made of Sunbonnet Sues made all in blue scraps by a dear friend, Margie Lawrence, who taught Rebekah how to embroider and me how to do 'needle turn applique". She also gave me the pattern for this picture and made Rebekah a beautiful quilt of Sunbonnet Sues in Blue. It is hanging in our sewing room.

Here are the pieces of scraps cut out with the pattern out of all my scraps of pink and green cloth.

Since Elisabeth especially likes pink and green, I naturally thought to include those scraps in my baby quilt for the newest Rodgers girl--Baby Rodgers-Weber. Girls are rare in the Rodgers' clan, so when one is on the way it is cause for special celebration!

Here are the pictures of this baby blanket "in progress'. Planning which scraps and colors should be used for each dress is half the fun and really the most important part. But I can't wait to add all the pretty things to the little girls' dresses.

(a proud Grandma!)


LittleGoldWoman said...

Its amazing proud grandma!! Im so excited for you and I miss you guys like crazy!


Christi L. said...

My paternal Grandmother decided to make all of her granddaughters a Sunbonnet Sue quilt and her grandsons the matching boy quilt. Well, I'm grandchild #32 and by the time she got to me she was so sick of looking at Sunbonnet Sue that she completely changed to different patterns, lol. It is fun to have them though. She had a huge quilting frame hanging in the living room and any time a grandchild was there and she was quilting, we had to sit down and quilt a block with her. Then she'd quilt our initials in the block, so we'd know who helped iwth our quilt. Wonderful memories.

Your quilt is beautiful!!!! I love the added butterfly.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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