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Square Dancin' Fun

The kids square dance with friends from the 3D's Dancin' Dudes and Dolls Square dance club at the Huntsville Promenaders. This was the 'President's Ball" --an annual dance to honor the presidents of all the clubs in the Southeast Houston area-SHSRDA. Rebekah is in the red square dance skirt which she made from the skirt of a prom dress. Jacob is in black T-shirt and jeans.
One of the traditions of every square dance club, is that if they bring enough people to visit you to make a square, they get to 'steal' your club's banner. Our club, the 3D's, had a great banner but no 'mini-banners' to give to clubs who might want to steal it. I thought, surely I have enough scraps to put some together! And sure enough...I did. I bought the fringe and a couple of yards of cotton rope at .25 per foot...but the rest was on hand. Aren't they cute?
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