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Floo-floo Journal Covers

I have to let you in on a secret addiction.....Journals!! I love them even though I never write in a journal...at least not like a diary. But I often need to write things down...lists, songs, poems, lists, sermon notes, measurements for a quick alteration for someone at church. I love planning on paper. I just can't do it on the computer.

One day a couple of months ago, I was feeling like I needed a little 'cheerer upper' and having no available funds to 'buy' something, thought...hmmm...maybe I could make something with all my scraps around the house.

I have a favorite journal that Kristy Bailey and her daughters made that is a composition book covered in chicken paper with an orange spine. (They know I love chickens!) Well it was falling apart and I needed a replacement.

And here it is... of course..one thing leads to another!

The pictures look like they aren't square but they really are perfectly fitting to the standard composition book. The bottom one doesn't have the book in it though. It stretches a little so the cover fits snug.

We made a all purple one for Rebekah's friend, Laura Strack, and a mini covered book to match. The little one is the perfect size to carry in a purse.

Rebekah's black journal cover is sleeker looking. She doesn't like floo-floo which is hard for me to comprehend. For our church craft sale, I plan to make quite a few with tapestry covers that have less floo-floo, but plenty of texture. With all the costumes I have made, I have lots of left over cloth like that.This one really is a little wider at the end. I tried to do some top stitching but it made it bulkier. The ones I sell will have all the kinks worked out. I have to learn by doing and that was a mistake I won't make twice. :o)

I also have made some fake leather ones in tan and plan to do some black velvet and brown suede ones as well.
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