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The Heart of a Servant (a mom and dad duet)

Wash the dishes, mend the clothes,
Cook our supper, wipe a nose,
Little things I daily do,
This is how I honor you.

Pay the bills and mow the lawn,
Daily working at my job,
Take out garbage, wash the van,
Gladly doing all I can.

Bridge:  ( Together)
And Lord at the end of the day,
when we bow on our knees and pray,
Will you be able to say....

That we had the heart of a servant,
doing all you have asked us to do,
the heart of a servant,
doing what no one else can do,
Lord let us be...found servants for thee.

Read a story, sing a song,
Teach our children right from wrong,
Kiss my husband, take a meal,
these things make my worship real.

Romp and tussle, wipe their tears,
Pray for children, calm their fears,
Hug my wife, and hold my child,
these things make my life worthwhile...

and Lord at the end of the day,
when we bow on our knees to pray,
will you be able to say...

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