Moonstones Won!

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Moonstones Won!

I'm so excited and pleased that Moonstones won the 3-dimensional division of the 2009 GCC artshow. Andrew's artwork is so amazing and unique. When I saw the watercolor that this one is based off of, I begged him to let me try to replicate it in cloth. I promised Andrew that if I made a hash of it, I wouldn't enter it. I'm glad the judges and my artsy friends liked it as much as I did!

Using the Kuna Indian's mola techniques and traditional reverse applique, I was able to do it. It has over 96 pieces and I limited the project to 32 colors. (Oh my!) Thank goodness for Batiks!! They are the only kind of cloth that will give the depth that a watercolor painting has. Normal cloth would have looked very plain and boring. The cigar lines has the Kuna Indians call them, are slits in the cloth pulled apart, turned under at the very edge and stitched down with teeny tiny applique stitches. It was actually intended to be flat...but I just can't resist making it three dimensional. It's like I crave the look and feel of depth and texture. I couldn't really quilt it in the traditional sense because it was too thick. I sort of 'stab' quilted it, but I needed to stitch down both sides of the white lines to keep the definition. It really helped the shapes to stand out.

Thanks to Margie Lawrence, who taught me needle-turn applique, I was able to tackle this project and do a barely creditable job of sewing. I kept hearing her voice saying..."Smaller stitches, Donna!". That was eight years ago! When I look close I feel so anxious about not having done a good enough job. Sigh...perfectionism rearing it's head. Next time, I'll work through the summer so I can go slower!

Even if I had not won, I would have been thoroughly happy...I knew that my artsy friends loved it and that was plenty enough reward for me! I feel like I know Andrew's painting inside and out after analyzing every color, shape, and nuance. Someday the world will appreciate his style as much as I do! Thanks Andrew--this would not have happened without you.

And thank you so much Shona, Shannon, Marcus, and Colleen for your encouragement and inspiration. Shona and Shannon especially have been assuring me that what I do is 'art'...after two winning entries...maybe I will begin to believe that I really am my 'father's daughter'. He is a wonderful artist and sculptor and I think I'm beginning to realize that I did inherit some of his talent. :o)

I can't wait for next year's show! Without the art show, I'd never have a deadline, or judges to give that feedback.

I also entered my Sunbonnet Sue quilt which is a gift for Lena and Elisabeth, my daughter-in-law. It didn't win, but that's ok...they like it and that's all that matters. Really, the wonderful thing about entering things like that, knowing they aren't particularly 'artsy' is the enjoyment they bring to others. We like to see each others work even if everything can't win! Everyone likes to ooh and aah over each other's creations. I'm always so amazed at the art our church turns out...even the kids' work is astonishing!


Trudy Callan said...

This really is a wonderful work of art that you and Andrew did. It's pretty amazing. Your quilting looks almost like a painting.

shannon m. said...

YOU are amazing Donna! You are truly an artist.
Thank you for sharing your work.

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