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I'm so pleased that Andrew Reith and I's collaborative entry won an award at our GCC art show. I made a fabric version of his 8 x 11" watercolor painting and called it Moonstones. I would have been happy whether it won or not, but's so thrilling and rewarding to get a 'crazy' idea and be afraid you are going to make a mess...but have a hunch it's going to turn out wonderful...and then it does! My artsy friends' praise was plenty enough for me, but I'm really pleased that the judges liked it that much too. I feel so so satisfied by how it turned out. (As long as I don't look to close--eep! Flaws everywhere!!) I'm getting braver and braver to try the new...hmm...I wonder what I'll try next year. (Of course I already have some ideas!!) Andrew's painting was just beautiful...I love his colors, designs, and especially his little fish creatures and their adorable eyes.
I know most of my family don't know where my project blog is, so I thought I'd post this. My project blog (mostly sewing), is

Someday, I may actually feel brave enough to call myself an artist. By God's grace, I've won twice now...but I guess my skull is pretty thick. Last year's entry, which also won, is below.

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