Rebekah's Big day (in May!)

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Rebekah's Big day (in May!)

Getting ready for Graduation....
Graduation Practice...moving the tassles
Oh...I can't believe this is finally happenening!
Baccalaureate service...prayer by friends and family
Family at Graduation--Matthew, Christian, Jacob, and Nanamom.
Friends at Graduation. Rebekah's first and best friend, Hannah Zieschang is here! (And my dear friend, Mary.)

Emily Singleton, Laura Strack and mom Teresa are here.

Rebekah reads scripture for her class.

Rebekah receives her diploma from us.

Rebekah, Jacob, and friend, Laura Strack.

Rebekah's display.

Andrew visits with Rebekah afterwards.

Lena was asleep...but she was there too, with Mommy, Elisabeth.

Tim visits with Mary...we're so glad she could come.

Rebekah with good friend Sarah Straka.

Rebekah and Matthew

Matthew, Amanda and Brenon.

Uncle Andrew with Colin.

Daughters-in-law visit too.

Mom, Rebekah, and Peggy Woody.

Rebekah visits with friend, Alex Singleton. His sister, Emily, was there too. Their mom, Sara, helped organize the graduation.

After the graduation, our church had a reception for our graduates. Here the deacons, including Tim, and Pastor Ted pray for them.

Our GCC graduates, Rebekah, Brittany, Lisa, and David.

Nanamom gets a hug from Brenon.
Andrew, Ebeth, and Lena.

Amanda and Colin....hmm, should I eat... or not?

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