Christian's Christmas Band Concert

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Christian's Christmas Band Concert

Christian's first band concert..

plays the trumpet.
He has been performing in the intermediate band and had two concerts with the Instruments of Praise this week.
  He played at a nursing home on Friday morning and at a church in Houston on Monday evening.
The band sounds pretty rough, partly because too many of the kids don't practice as they should and partly because they only practice as a group once before the concert.
There are five different bands in five different locations and they only gather as a group and play once.  It makes it very difficult for them to keep in time with each other.
 Christian did well, regardless.  He's the best trumpeter in the intermediate band.  Mr. Sommers does an excellent job working with so many kids in so many different locations.
We are really proud of Christian, of course! 
Elisabeth, Rebekah, and Jacob all came too.  It was a special evening for our family!

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