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Craft Show Goodies...

We had a great crafts show this last Sunday at our church!!

I wanted to sell some of the  items you've been reading about to raise a little fund for buying the kids their Christmas gifts.  We've had a lot of expenses and needed to find a way to boost the budget a bit.

I have to go clean up from all of this sewing and candle making so I don't have time to post the pix for how to do the Yo-Yo Flower decorated tote bags until later.

But for now, I thought I'd share with you the items I sold at the craft show.  It's a great way to share homemade gifts with friends who can't do that.

  I got to taste some of my friend, Suzanne's homemade salsa that evening...wow! It was great!  I don't do a lot of fancy cooking so I appreciated getting to try her stuff. (It's famous!)
Trudy had the sweetest booth with lots of her children's art too.  I'm afraid I was so busy packing up aprons and bags for customers that I didn't do any shopping myself.

The tote bags were a big hit and the aprons sold like hot cakes!   The candles didn't do as well, mainly because I should have had some burning that people could smell.
Because I topped off the candles at the last step with wax that didn't have as much scent, people tended not to buy them. The cinnamon ones had the strongest scent and I sold almost all of those.  Ah well! Live and learn.  I may re-do the ones I don't send to my relatives for Christmas and just double the scent.   I hope my friends like candles...because they are getting them! Ha!

I only had one tote bag left...and I'm so glad! I will get to KEEP one! These turned out really cute using old buttons for the centers of the flowers.  I used to collect buttons when I was a girl and I think they made the earth-toned bags really special.

I came home with a big mess...so I'm going to be a good girl and clean up the mess before I post the Yo-Yo flower tutorial.  It's coming soon!! So check back in a day or so.

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