Easy Homemade Candy in Thriftstore Stockings

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Easy Homemade Candy in Thriftstore Stockings

My aim, this week,  is to show you how to make gifts that will be both EASY and CHEAP!  Sometimes easy isn't so cheap. If you have a question...please EMAIL me!  I need to hear from you, if what I think is 'easy' really isn't! Don't be afraid of the TEN steps listed below.  They are very simple and easy, but I was careful to spell out each step in detail so you understand what to do. Once you do it the first time, you will never need the instructions again.

Almond bark candy is the easiest and yummiest candy that I know how to make (as long as you use dry pans and utensils. My husband's mother taught me how to make it when I was first married...and I'm proud to pass along the tradition to you!


  • One pound of Almond Bark either white or chocolate flavored  (Also called Candy Coating).
  • One box of Captain Crunch
  • One box of Honeycomb Cereal
  • One bag of small pretzles - any shape
  • Cookie Tins or Stockings from Thriftstores or DollarStores
  • Gallon size TWIST TIE baggies (not ziplock) if you are putting candy in stockings.
WARNING:  Do not use anything WET to  make this candyNo wet spoons, pans or bowls. It will make the hot candy coating clump and crumble instead of become a smooth paste. Do not melt candy on high heat. Keep stirring. Do not leave candy sitting on the heat without stirring. It might burn!

Before you start...
  • Lay out a long strip of aluminum foil or wax paper on a counter or the kitchen table.  You will need a place to dump your hot candy after it is all covered in chocolate.
  • Put a very big bowl on the counter to pour your ingredients into.
  • Put a large soup pan on the stove and a stirring spoon nearby.
Scoop 3 cups each of the two cereals into a large bowl and two cups of
 pretzels.  Mix well. Sit near the stove ready to pour when needed.

Break up the brick of candy coating into smaller clumps.

 Put all the pieces in the soup pan. (A thicker pan is better than a thin one.)

  Turn the stove onto low heat.This is VERY important!

Stir the candy pieces until they are all melted into a smooth paste.

Pour the cereal/pretzel mix into the pan with the melted candy.

Stir and stir until all of the dry stuff is coated in the melted candy.

Pour onto the foil on the counter and spread around to dry.

Let the candy sit until it is hardened.  (you can set up a small fan to speed up the process)

Break up into chunks and put in candy tins or into plastic bags in stockings.

TIP: If you are putting the candy into stockings, slip the storage bag into the stocking first..then add the candy.
Note: Store in refrigerator or freezer if you are not giving to someone right away.  It can be stored at room temperature for a week or so.

Happy Homemaking!


Anonymous said...

This looks so fun to make! Thank you for the pictures. I'm a visual learner so I can follow these steps. Thanks, Erin

Amanda -_-* said...

Matthew taught me to make this our first Christmas together. I haven't made it since then because of Colin, but I've recently found a few different cereals he can have, so I might try to make some Colin-safe this year. Thanks for the idea!

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