Sneak Peak at Mom and Daughter Aprons from Gently-worn skirts

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Sneak Peak at Mom and Daughter Aprons from Gently-worn skirts

Mother and  Daughter Aprons

I cut the skirt to the right into two thirds and one third and made the mother daughter aprons below.

I've got lots left to do, but if you'd like to try them, just use the pattern from the cottage apron tutorial, but don't do everything they do...You don't have to do a ruffle or pin striping and I did my pockets a little easier too.  I'll be posting how to's later.

Have Fun!

And...for those who have boys...(like my daughter-in-law, Amanda and grandsons)'s an idea!

See below for the rest of the skirts I'll be making into aprons for our church Christmas Market....

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Amanda -_-* said...

I love those mother/son aprons! My first thought when I saw the picture was "penguins!" Colin has been going through a penguin thing lately, and watching Happy Feet twice in the last two days might have influenced that thought a little, lol! Very cute, either way!

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