Summertime and the living is........ FUN... with grandkids!!

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Summertime and the living is........ FUN... with grandkids!!

You're's fall not summer...but see if this post won't remind you of what it was like just a few short weeks ago..when it was really really hot! 

Tim, the kids, and I had two great visits this summer with Amanda and the grandkids.  Matthew was able to come down for Rebekah's graduation but most of the time, he was in Russian language school in Texas, so Amanda was on her own for a few months before they packed up and moved to North Carolina.  She visited her parents in Sugar Land and her grandmother in Huntsville too.

Amanda and I got to celebrate Mother's Day together this year.  It seems like only a few years ago, that I was struck with amazement at having all these little babies around and now I'm amazed that we have all these grandbabies!  One minute you are a mom and the next...a mom-in-law...times 2!

In May, right after graduation, we realized that it was Colin's birthday and since I had been rather busy with the graduation, I forgot all about getting stuff to celebrate his birthday. I was busily sewing  his gift but had not thought about having cake and candles ready. (I learned how to make an allergen free birthday cake this May!)

Necessity is the mother of invention though and here you can see that Colin, now three is quite happy with our 'impromptu' patriotic birthday. (We borrowed Rebekah's graduation party decorations which were 'Texan' in theme.)  Since Colin is the proud son of a Marine, this seemed an appropriate theme for his little party!  I sewed him the cutest cowboy costume and got him a hat, but I can't find the pix to post at the moment.
Summertime is a great time for birthdays..but also for swimming and for watermelon.  The boys, it turned out, love watermelon and can see why! Ride 'em cowboy!  Silly me..and I thought you were supposed to eat them!

Brennan, I'm afraid this is one toy you won't be taking home with you!

 One nice thing about being at Grandma's is that their Aunt Rebekah and Uncles' Jacob and Christian  are here to play with them when everyone else is tired out!

Jacob took good care of Brennan while Amanda and Christian entertained Colin when we went to Candy Cane Park one afternoon.

Amanda stayed with us a couple of weeks over the summer all told.  We went to the park, 'swam' in our jacuzzi, and Tim gave the boys rides on the riding lawnmower.

 However, sometimes the most entertaining part of the visit was just eating lunch!

Colin thought lunchtime was a lot of fun too...especially if Grandma had the camera..which of course I did!!

 And after lunch, we all watched Winnie the Pooh until Brenan fell asleep. And sometimes Grandpa would read Colin a story from the same book that Grandpa, Daddy, and Uncle Jacob all loved...Richard Scary's Best Storybook ever!

 There's nothing quite like a summer with grandbabies!

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