We have Winners!

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We have Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners of this first Saturday's Drawing!
First Prize goes to Shannon Mucha!  You will want to visit her blog.. Art in the Every Day.  Shannon is a very talented graphic artist, photographer and though she doesn't think so, a very good seamstress when she really wants to sew something!  She made the cutest Christmas stockings I have ever seen!  Her pictures have a "zing" that will make you want to look at more and more!

She won the tote bag with earth-toned Yo-Yo flowers.

 Second Prize goes to Shona Cole!  Well...I think most of you already know who she is!  Shona is an amazing artist, photographer, crafty person, and poet.  I love reading her blog!! She is so encouraging to mothers everywhere and has a new book out on how to work art into your children's lives.  Check out her blog at An Artful Life.  She won a homemade scented candle.

and Third Prize goes to Angela Frye!   You will enjoy visiting Angela's cooking blog...the cooking is done by her kids!  Her oldest son who is maybe 11 or 12 is one of the most amazing cake decorators I have ever seen. For kid friendly recipes and cooking ideas, check out this sweet blog. (The pictures are wonderful!)
The Three Dough Boys  Did I tell you the children cooking are all BOYS?!  Angela won homemade soap!

And for those of you who are following my blog or subscribing and have left a comment with a vote on a topic, you will all be entered in next week's contest, including anyone who didn't win first prize. :o

Until next week...


Shona Cole said...

yeah! seeing as I bought some of the yo yo bags I am delighted to have one of your candles :)

Donna said...

I'm glad you want a candle..I know just which one to give you. Oh Shona--I have to tell you...I have such an awesome idea for Matt's music bag!!! I couldn't sleep for excitement!

How about an upper border of black leather (vinyl) and a silhouette of Bach in the black print with gold cursive names of all the composers printed at random all over the black background! (And no...Mark can't have it even if it is a 'bust'!)

The fabric store was all out of music score print and though I wanted white or cream, they didn't have that either. But that may be better...it will be more subtle--not so flashy.

I will 'applique' it with stitch witchery..and possibly outline it with gold fabric paint for an outline. I'll make Tim's first and see how it goes. I'll be bringing it to church Sunday.

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