New Winners for our Third Week's Drawing!

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New Winners for our Third Week's Drawing!

Angela Frye won 1st prize for this week's drawing..and I think I  know just what she'd like...matching aprons for her twin daughters! Congratulations Angela!  You can check out her cooking blog at Order of Fryes.  Her boys are the main cooks and the sweetest little gentlemen I've ever seen. The pictures of her cute and talented children are just darling!! Her recipes are also very easy--great for those in a hurry--or beginners at cooking.

Second Prize goes to Melissa. She gets a homemade candle. I'll send her an Apple spice candle.  I think her little girl Wednesday, will like the pretty layers of colors.  Her blog, Until Wednesday Calls is really a very good homemaking blog! I've enjoyed visiting it and you will want to check it out too.  Her little girl Wednesday is the namesake of her blog.  What a great example of truly balanced priorities!  Do your fun and projects..but children come first..regardless of age.

Third Prize goes to DJ's Storeroom! Diana makes the most awesome stuff--very professional and super cute!! I love everything she makes and sells.  She also sells the patterns with great .pdf printable patterns. Check out her site--you will love her great ideas! I'll be sending her some 100% pure olive oil soap--castile soap in the shape of shells.

 If DJ and Wednesday's mom will email me at, with their addresses..I'll send them their prizes.

Starting in February I will start a weekly on-going drawing..but it will only be one prize per week.  Some of the prizes I'd like to send are...a fabric covered journal, a Bach musical tote bag, another scented candle, a yo-yo flower totebag making kit, hand-crocheted washcloth, and a baby-size Colonial style crocheted hat.  The second set of drawings will start on February 1st--so join my blog and vote on a topic! I'd love to hear from you. :o)

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Melissa said...

Wow, how wonderful. Thank you for both the candle and the sweet words about my space in the blogging world. I am so excited about get my package! Thanks you! I'll be emailing address after this.

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