Crocheted Floppy Baby Hat

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Crocheted Floppy Baby Hat

When I was spending a lot of time at the hospital with my Dad last month, you may remember me mentioning this hat that I made to pass the time.  My sister, Heather, is the crochet queen and she showed me a darling baby hat that I just had to learn how to crochet!  Isn't it cute?!  This is the one I made in January for my granddaughter Lena.

It's such an easy idea. All you do is crochet a big flat circle. Then crochet a chain string.  Weave the string in and out about two inches from the edge and pull into a puff!  This project is so easy that I think most beginner crocheters could do it.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
Pattern for making Colonial Style Baby Cap
Supplies: 1 small skein of yarn, 1 size G or H crochet hook.   
Gauge: I made about eight double crochets per inch in the center and averaged about 6 double crochets per inch towards the edge.

Note: My sister sometimes makes this hat completely with chain stitches being attached every six loops or so. I haven't tried this yet but it's a cute effect. Looks like lace!
Step 1: Chain about eight chains and then with the last loop of the last chain still on the hook, put your needle through the first loop and start double crocheting.

Step 2:  Do double crochet stitches in every loop. Add an extra crochet stitch anywhere you think you need to to make the circle lay flat.
Step 3: Just keep making double crochets in a spiral, adding an extra crochet stitch any where you need to to keep the circle flat. Check often!  I did a few too many in my first hat which caused it to buckle a little.Oh one's perfect!

Step 4:  When you feel the hat is big enough for the child or adult you are making it for, start crocheting about seven chain stitches (making a string) then every six loops or so, attach it to the edge of the hat with one single crochet stitch.  This is how I made the scalloped edge. (My circle was 12" wide for a baby hat.)
Step 5: Crochet about a 24" long chain string.
Step 6: Weave crocheted chain tie string in and out about every inch and a half in a circle pattern about two inches from the outer edge and pull up to make the hat with a ruffle edge.
Have fun crocheting this cap. Lena sure loved hers!

Happy Homemaking!

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Trudy said...

Very pretty.

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