Happy Birthday to Donna

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Happy Birthday to Donna


Why am I holding my birthday candles...well that's a great question!

It all started out simple enough.  Jacob lit the candles on my birthday 'pie' (I love pecan pie!!) just like he was supposed to.  Then Tim brought the pie while everyone  sang Happy Birthday to me...just like they are supposed to.  So far..so good.  And I blew out the candles but due to age and mental confusion forgot to make a wish...  Since we only had five candles...instead of 47...that was fine. Thumbs up..great job for Mom!

And then I pulled out all the candles so we could slice the pie..and then they began to re-light, one by one. Hence the picture of me holding my candles...all lit up.  Very funny...So I dipped them in water to put them out and we all had a nice piece of pie.

We were going to all go out to dinner to Cracker Barrel, but I had missed so many family nights that I decided I wanted us to go somewhere cheaper and get a couple of movies and go birthday shopping instead.  We went to Long Johns/AandW so everyone could get what they wanted.  Then we headed over to Movie Gallery and lo and behold...I got a free movie because ...you guessed it--it was my birthday-Hurrah!

We watched Ice Age 3 which was hilarious and had us all in stitches.  Then went to Hobby-Lobby to get a really special birthday present...a 25 lb. hunk of clay. I inherited some of  my dad's sculpting tools and a book and I really want to try my hand at sculpting...in my spare time. (I know..I don't have any--but you never know..some may pop up!)  If I have the supplies on hand, then I can get started when that magic moment--spare time--arrives.

Tim gave me some beautiful flowers and the kids gave me an Itunes card to buy some goodies for my new I Touch.  I got several sweet cards too. I also got one new grandchild, Nikolai, for my birthday--which was awesome!! Of course, I'll let Amanda and Matthew keep him for now. But the best gift of all..is just being home--at last!


Large Order of Fryes said...

Sounds like a great day!! Happy Birthday!!

Beautifully Veiled said...

Precious grandbaby!!! I had a hospital birth after 2 homebirths too! Not a lot of people do that you know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll be 47 this year too! How neat is that? And YES, I'm so jealous of the clay. I keep saying that is my next "thing". I'm looking forward to getting to know you, this blogging is sooooo neat!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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