Recovering Couch Cushions...

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Recovering Couch Cushions...

This was a 'fun' project! Well..sort of. It's a great challenge to recover a cushion..but it's a wee bit tedious too.

This next week, I'll be doing exactly that for my mom and sister for their second-hand couch purchased for their new house.  I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I'll have fun posting pix of my progress over the next few days to help out the rest of you, if you are about to tackle a job like this and want to know what the pitfalls are.

I recovered this bay window cushion last spring, for a friend. Here is one end view.

1.The first step is to seam rip the whole original cover apart.
2. I used the pieces as a pattern to lay out on the new cloth.
3. I saved the zipper and piping to reuse. The hard part is figuring out how wide to cut the side strip to reapply the piping.

I measured out a strip that was the width plus 2" each for the upper and lower piping. You can take up any excess by folding it behind the piping and into the seam allowance. That allows for a perfect fit.

Adding the zipper was a bit of challenge. But not too hard.

This was the most difficult part..pinning and then sewing around tight thick corners.

Right end of cusion.

Left side. To smooth the ends, you can tuck in strips of batting. I didn't want to make it so tight that I couldn't get the cushion back in!

Well, I'll be sewing 5 large couch cushion covers and 4 small ones.  I should be the expert on this by the time I'm done!

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