Ruffler Foot Videos!!

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Ruffler Foot Videos!!

Hi Everyone,

Hi everyone, I finally got a chance to do a good video of how to use the ruffler foot.  I made a blouse that was a duplicate of my favorite Van Heusan blouse, but it really turned out too short. It was also a little too small in the hips because it was made of cotton rather than stretch knit as the original blouse was.  One of those painful little lessons learned..Ouch!

So, I needed to add a ruffle to the bottom of the blouse. It's kind of 'in style' now--thank goodness! (I also added a V patch at the side seams to widen the hip. Good thing I got the last half yard on the bolt at Hancock's before the fabric sold out!

I'm not sure how clear the sound is,  but I'll be posting written instructions and photos soon which will help. I thought you might as well enjoy the videos now though, since they've been uploaded to you tube.


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