Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home

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Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home

This week's Show and Tell includes several entries from Trudy's Artistic Mother's Art group which is working through Shona's "The Artistic Mother" book.  I knew everyone would enjoy seeing the beautiful work each of these women are doing....There are also several great entries from followers and friends. Enjoy!

Oh...I am so addicted to charts and planners and this one is perfect. 
She made it for her children and I think it's adorable!

An exquisite journal by Debra Jefferson..a member of the Artistic Mother's Group
  Don't you just love lovely journals? I think this one is so feminine and elegant..

Trudy from Artistic Creations with Trudy made this painted paper for her charts and other stationery needs. I love this! I am always wanting to have nice paper for charts and stuff..and this is a perfect way to do it. She did this as part of the Artistic Mothers' group too.

Kris, another friend of Trudy's made these gorgeous eggs! And what is even better, is that she has posted a tutorial on how to make them on her blog..just in time for Easter!

Until Wednesday Calls: How To : Modge Podge Egg Garland
 Speaking of eggs, aren't these lovely?  Melissa, the crafty queen,  from Until Wednesday Calls, is at it again, with a fantabulous tutorial on how to make these...just in time for Easter! You have to go visit her blog and see how she makes these. I hope to make some when I get home!

Amanda, my daughter-in-law is also a very talented seamstress.  She made this cute "moby wrap' for her third son, Nikolai, (also known as my grandbaby!!). This is such a great idea, Amanda! (Cute baby too!!)

Here's what she wrote about it...
This is a moby wrap that I made this week.  One of my friends had one, and it looked like such a nice carrier that I wanted one, too.  They cost about $40 online, though, so I didn't want to buy one.  Then I found out that it's just a long piece of cloth with tapered ends- no buckles or anything!  I had a piece of fabric in my stash that was fairly long, slightly stretchy, and really soft, that I thought would be perfect.  I found the dimensions of the moby wrap online (apparently I wasn't the only one who thought to make their own).  My fabric was a couple feet too short, so I cut it in half the long way, and sewed the two halves together, then cut it down to the length I needed, tapered the ends... and started using it before I got a chance to hem the edges.  lol! 
  Little World by Gracie Rio She drew this with coffee ink, sepia ink (coffee) and pencil. 
Fabulous artwork Gracie. This is enchanting!

A big Thank you  to all the contributors for this Friday's Show and Tell! This week includes only entries that were emailed to me,  as I didn't have time to hunt around on friends' blogs while on the road. :o)

If you would like to submit your latest creation, photo, dish, clothing article, painting etc., just send a picture and a link to your blog if you have one and a little description to me at and I'll post it on the next available Friday.
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antmee said...

Some great artists featured here.

I'm sorry I forgot about show and tell but I dont have anything to show anyway :(

Maybe next Friday (fingers crossed)!

Gracie "Neky White" said...

this post is full of beautiful creations!!! (not counting mine of course) XD

Melissa said...

Thanks again Donna! Love, love,love the moby wrap. I loved wearing Wednesday when she was a baby, makes me miss it just a bit. Those fabric eggs are gorgeous! And I received my copy of Artistic Mother last weekend. I have to go out and do a bit of shopping for it yet tough. I can't wait to begin though!

Donna said...

That's wonderful Melissa! I know you will enjoy Shona's book. I wish someone had thought about moby wraps when I was raising babies. We just had uncomfortable front packs that the babies didn't like at all.

Antmee..I'm crossing my fingers with you! Neky, your work is beautiful! Love it!

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