Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home...a little late..

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Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home...a little late..

Hi everyone, I scheduled this to post on Friday, but for some reason, it didn't here it is!
 Ok, MJ has outdone herself with this new frugal idea at Making Do with the Not So New! These have to be the most gorgeous curls I ever saw on a little girl!(Her little girl I might add.) And how did she get them?? You'll never guess.. so I'll tell you...RAG CURLERS!  MJ's blog is so full of frugal ideas that it's like getting a catalog. Whatever you need, she can tell you how to make do or do it yourself. Great idea and beautiful post, MJ!

 Are these not beautiful? I love the earth tones...and I love pretty little notebooks...well...I get to have them too! That's the best part.(I won her OWOH drawing!) My friend from England, Myfanwy, of Nuvo Felt is a very talented fabric artist. Her work and creations are so varied and beautiful. She does excellent online tutorials, makes jewelry, boxes, felted fabric, and has a neat weekly post, Friday Food.etc. etc. all gorgeous!  (Her foods are very English..I never recognize them-Ha!) My favorite thing about Myfanwy, though, is that she is such a kind and comforting sort of person. I visited with her several times after Dad passed away. I had stumbled upon her blog after posting my stuff for the OWOH drawing. She had written quite a post about spending time with her mother, I believe. It was so special and I wanted to get to know her right away, so I wrote her and told her so. We've been emailing ever since. She has not been able to post much because of caring for family matters, but if you want to get a taste of English life...go see her and if you love fabric art or mixed will love her blog!  Thanks Myfanwy!
Terri Smith is a great friend and she and her daughter are amazing cake decorators...and this cake, I'm sure you will agree...literally 'takes the cake'...(Gosh..there must be a better way to say that!) Is this not the most girly, blingy cake you have ever seen? If you want to see some visually stunning cakes and proof that homemaking and art go hand in hand...drop by her blog, Cakes by Terri and Cameron.
This is Together or "Junto" made with coffee ink'll never guess who did this! Neky White of El Rey Gato (who gave me the sunshine award), the one who made the felt charms drew this!! Wow...I didn't quite know what to's incredible...I just want to stare at it--it is so unusual and serene in its quiet beauty.  I definitely need to spend some more time looking around her blog!

Isn't this so precious! Mariesa from Ten Cow Chick made this delightful little tshirt. She's expecting a new baby!  She has one of the prettiest country blogs I've seen and I love going to enjoy the sunshine!  Drop by and get some great super craft ideas and catch some rays!  I told you I needed a long list for that Sunshine award!

 Now this is what I call true Texan Art...Yee Haw! You gotta love it!  If you'd like to see a Texan Art festival, join Trudy at Artistic Creations with Trudy...on their visit to Old Town Spring! now, I'm in's more darling curls and I could never decide whose are cuter..cause I love Wednesday!  Melissa is guest posting on how to make this darling skirt. She is the queen of refashionistas in my mind!  Visit her blog Until Wednesday Calls and find out how to do this! Too bad I'm on the road or I would make one for my dear Lena.
If I was going to vote for the 'funnest' blog on the blog...Kristen at This Homemade Life would get my vote! She has a 1950's housewife vintage blog where she posts her creative projects and this is a circle journal. Apparently several bloggers are involved and send these scrapbook journal pages to each other. I think this is cute cute cute!

 Well, the Michelsons went to the zoo, and Anita, with a true 'photographers eye' spotted the perfect 'photo op'.  Now this is taking bottle feeding just a little bit far! Don't you think someone should tell the mommy to ween this baby? Anita at Thoughts, Happenings and Snippets from the Michelsons is a very good photographer, so good, that  I noticed she's doing some collaborations with Shona C. and Shannon M...This is not her photography at it's have to go see that on her blog..but it is her work at its funniest! I love this picture...that's all I can say. It made my day! Great job Anita!


Melissa said...

That cake really is something else and the orangutan w/ the bottle wow. I cannot wait to take Wednesday to her first zoo with more than goats! Thanks again for the feature Donna! I'll have the tute for the skirt at my bog on Tuesday plus a couple Easter themed ones too. Hope your trip is going well!
Also, I just Orders Shona's book, it should be here by Friday! :D

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Thank you so much for your sweets comments abut my drawing! You're such a nice person XD

KatB said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me! :D

I can't take credit for the circle journal though - that was Maggi's idea, over at Just Add Glitter and Stir, and Jacqui at Jacqui4u2c was the lovely designer of that journal. Love participating in this swap though - if you ever get the opportunity, you should try it. It's a lot of fun! :)

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