Getting our Kicks on Route 66!

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Getting our Kicks on Route 66!

There is not a whole lot to see on the way to Farmington, New Mexico, but we did manage a few tiny stops along the way.

The best thing was getting to actually see and touch the very cadillacs that I appliqued in my Route 66 quilt! I'd forgotten that they were just down the road from our first hotel stop in Amarillo! I was thrilled!!

Jacob took this picture for me somewhere on the long, straight, tedious road to Amarillo...Isn't it perfect?

The scenery did eventually start to improve...but 287 is a long highway through Texas..I was glad when we headed off on I40 into New Mexico!  We made one pit stop for lunch on Route 66!! I always detour a little if I get a chance to drive on part of it.

So far, we've driven parts in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  Gotta drive some part of the California part one of these days! This is classic! we're seeing some snow..we must be getting up higher in altitude!

And higher...

Now this is what I call 'snow'! Jacob really wanted to take a little hike in we did. (I napped in the car!)

We finally got to Farmington, safe and sound.  It's mostly rocky cliffs and snow..not much to look at..but you know, we didn't come here to sight see!

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Anonymous said...

From the looks of things you're having a great time on your trip. Glad you made it there safe, make sure you get home just as safe.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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