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Jasmine and Jacob win 2nd Place at NCFCA's Chile Qualifier in New Mexico!

Jacob and Jasmine place 2nd at Chile Qualifier in New Mexico! and Jacob won 2nd speaker position! Jasmine also won 11th speaker team policy speaker position. Peggy and I are so proud of them! Their good friends, Ben and Laura won third place. It was very exciting for all of us.  Just thought you'd like to see some pictures from the Speech and Debate Tournament we just attended in Farmington, New Mexico.
Jacob and his partner, Jasmine, debate their good friends, Laura and Ben in preliminary rounds.

Jacob, Truitt, and Jasmine along with the rest of the kids, wait for announcements.

Preparing to debate.. the tournament was in a church..some of the tables were a wee bit small...

Some of us moms finally got a break from judging and could hang out with the kids for a little while. Peggy, Teresa and I are pictured here.

Jacob and Jasmine greet the judges..before “Finals”. This will be the last debate of the tournament to decide who gets first and second place.

Preparing arguments for the next speech...

Jacob takes notes while Jasmine gives the opening speech.. Jacob always gives the closing speech.

Everyone at the tournament watches the Finals round. It's very interesting to watch!

See you in Colorado!
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Trudy Callan said...

Congrats! Great job, Guys!

Christi L. said...

Ah, tell Teresa Hi for me please!
Congratulate all the kids too! I'm so proud of Jacob!

Sherry Rushing said...

Makes me proud to see Logos kids competing - always! Looks like y'all are having a fun, productive time. Thanks for sharing!

bodysmithwh said...

Tell Jacob and the others, that me and Heather and George are thinking about them this weekend.

Do you remember that 4H sewing class you took (way back when) and me explaining to the teacher, that in order to save on the amount of fabric used and to possibly use less than the pattern called for; that the fold could be anywhere one folded over the fabric, not the fold that was created when the fabric was placed on the bolt.

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