Another Day in the Country

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Another Day in the Country

In the natural order of things, even a small 'ranch' must be maintained. All of this beauty doesn't just 'happen'. We have to work at it. But if you must work least it can be beautiful! 
Tex is having a 'hay day' out in the pasture and his little belly is bursting from all the nice fresh grass. But his toe nails were needing a clipping, so Rebekah got the farrier out here to do a trim.

It had been awhile and Tex wasn't sure he wanted a Rebekah helped keep him calm. I'm with him, I don't like having other people do my toenails!

And like anyone else, Tim has to mow the lawn

... and I do mean a really big  lawn!!

and even MORE lawn!

And when he's done, he has to trim trees. I think we now have four giant burn piles to do. 

Jacob joked and suggested we light all four at once and offer barbecue when the fire department showed up. Very funny....

Not that Jacob would care...he's chatting away with his debate partner about the latest developments they need to address with  their new case and being in the country, means poor cell phone reception. Well at least he's outside!!!
Tim takes a break to help Christian get his RC car running. It was being a bit cranky. He will put the car cover back on after the engine is warmed up again.

And me? Well, I think I'll go run errands in our snazzy new truck. We feel like we really 'belong' in Texas now that we have a 'real' truck..not our little old blue GMC sonoma. Jacob gets to drive that baby. It has served us faithfully for so many years now!  We've never owned anything this shiny or new(ish) before. I have to say that we Texans love our trucks!!

Hope you all have a nice day in your 'neck of the woods' too!


Unknown said...

Donna, your place out in the country is beautiful, also nice to get to see the cousins and uncle in the pics of coarse!
~ Laura Stroder

Donna said...

Hi Laura! Nice to hear from you. I thought if any family happened by, that they would like this post. :o) You will have to come visit soon!

GlorV1 said...

Oh Donna, what a great place you have. What part of Texas?, and how are home prices in that area? I've got to look up Texas RE prices. We have talked about "getting" out of California but we just aren't sure yet. I have got to check on things. I love the way your country look is. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

i am here

Hills N Valleys said...

BEAUTIFUL! I so wish we lived in the country although I love where we live.

Caroline said...

Lovely photos. We had a little place in the country in N. texas before moving here to cs, and hope that's out there in the future for us again. For now, proximity to hubby's work is the priority (not an issue for you, LOL!)

Completely off the subject, some time can you do a post on discovering your child's natural bent? You mentioned it in your training post a while ago in passing, spending several years figuring out what the child was interested in before the teen years and investing in one of those activities ... just wanted some insight into discerning that since we are at the front end of that process. Thanks!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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