From the Heart....Time for a little chat about my life long struggle...with food...

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From the Heart....Time for a little chat about my life long struggle...with food...

 Hi Friends,

Today being Sunday, I thought I'd share on a rather embarrassing least for me..... by passing on to you a comment that I left with my friend Deb at Jeremiah 29:11. I share it because maybe I'm not the only one in the same boat.

Most of the blogging friends I see, appear to be quite skinny and I have to say that I'm impressed. I wish I could say the same for myself!
 Tim and I on our honey moon...23 years ago...We were camping...

Deb had taken the time to post her own struggles in this area and asked for any advice, tips, recipes etc. that readers might like to offer. If you have any ideas, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. And of course, I would too.

Here was my response to her and to anyone in the same boat as myself.

Donna @ Comin' Home
From Deb's post on weight problems..

Hi Deb...join the club! I was never anorexic but all my older relatives either are or have been in the 200-300lb. range. I'm 189 now and don't know quite how it happened. I stayed low after determining to lose weight after the second baby (down to 119) and kept it to 130-140 for many years and through four babies.

But this last six years my weight started creeping up. If I'm not paying attention..I eat. It's that simple. I have to remember to eat small meals and stop. I did the Weigh Down thing too.

Gwen was way off track in her theology for the most part, but she had hit upon one truth that has helped me ever since. It had the most useful life long principle in that the idea of waiting until you are hungry and stopping when you are full makes so much sense both biblically and physically. I've been thinking about this for some time.

I'd be glad to jump on the wagon with you! But you know, you really do look fine--Like the sweet friend that you are. Sadly,I think that I always thought I looked fat at every weight. Now looking back, I wish I still weighed that. It's too bad it had to ruin so many moments when I could have accepted myself and my struggle as one of those unchangeables.

I don't mean to accept the overweightness..that can be controlled...but the fact that I have to be consciously aware of what I eat more than others...that it's a weakness for me.

I think the most important thing I've learned from the Lord recently, is to offer up my 'eating' to the Him. In other words, "Lord let me eat as unto you." I tend towards self-indulgence for comfort and it isn't just food. The Lord has been dealing with other issues. I think that for some of us, hurts in the past lead to a need for some sort of 'comfort'.

You know, Elisabeth Elliot said that we should obey the Lord and leave the results up to Him. We know in our hearts what we ought to eat and ought not. His sheep hear his voice...and he will tell us what we should and shouldn't eat. But if that means it takes five years to lose the what.
Being overweight is no sin..but not obeying the Lord in everything is. At least that's the heart of it for me. I've just not been listening very well lately or heeding.

I don't believe our battle will be over until we die..but if the struggle keeps us close to the Lord..then it's worth it. But we should never feel condemned because we have to struggle with food. Everyone has a struggle with something. It just doesn't 'show' on everyone.

I'll keep you in my prayers, if you'll keep me in yours!

Deb left this reply to me was so sweet! Thanks Deb!

Deb said...
You are such a precious soul, Ms. Donna. Thank you so much for showing off my ornaments. Most of all thank you for your sweet inspiring comments on my post about weight!! What I heard from you made the most sense of anything others have shared via a comment, or e-mail!!! I'm soooo glad God blessed me with finding your blog!!!

Love You All!


Breathing In Grace said...

Yes...we are in this battle together. We will definitely pray for each other. I hope others can find help and strength from your inspiring words just like I have!!!
Thanks for posting this! You are a precious soul!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you have a very clear idea of what to do and why. It's just a matter of allowing yourself to follow it. Sometime we get so used to beating ourselves up that we forget we're worth the very best. Just take it one day at a time and focus on how you feel on your journey and not what the scale says.

Donna said...

Thank you...I appreciate that. I mostly do beat myself up about it. But I haven't seemed to be able to get up the ummph to just quit eating. The problem is that I have to want to bad enough and lately, other things have seemed more important. Thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

donna...thanks so much for sharing about your struggle....i can definitely relate. i have always been an athletic person. i am also certified to teach yoga. after losing my job of 15 years in june of 2008 i came to view it as a blessing in disguise: an opportunity to slow down, get off the freeway & be more of a full-time mother. but work was not the only thing i took a respite from: i also stopped stressing about working out & that felt right too. i took a break from everything i guess. fast forward to now & i am currently 189 pounds.
i love to cook & i love food. i'm not really down on myself because i'm enjoying life & i don't look as heavy as i am, but, like you, i am aware that there is probably an emotional component & i need to be a little more CONSCIOUS of my eating: acknowledging each bite, not eating while the tv is on, knowing when to stop... etc etc etc...and the bottom line is it's not terribly healthy for me to weigh this much. i have a beautiful 9 yr old i'd like to live a long life for.
far be it for me to advise anyone but i do know it comes down to a decision...either we get up, exercise & abstain from indulging ourselves in food, or we don't. each morning (or moment, for that matter) we have the opportunity to start anew. nike really said it best: "JUST DO IT..."
let me know if you'd consider some sort of support system on here to encourage one another. or you are welcome to just check-in and say hello every now & again. i can start right now on some sort of diet & exercise regimen if that will help you by knowing you have a buddy out there....:)

Donna said...

Dani...I'd love to do some kind of email support group on the blog..I'm not sure how to do it quite yet..but I have an idea.

I'll get to it soon. You are right, mostly we just need a good kick in the right place and some friends to say "Way to Go"!

I have to say that Square dancing which has been on hold due to my father's death helped so much! I was at least mainaining better and felt so good! My stamina improved dramatically. Teens square dance differently than old folks and I have to dance with teenagers..Tons of fun!

I'm starting to get excited about having a little bit of encouragement on this topic. That's why I started the discussion, embarrassing as it was for me and I know for Deb too.

Send me any ideas you have..and I'll brainstorm too. My daughter wants to get me on the 'wagon' too. She's beautiful and naturally self disciplined..but she likes 'coaching' me. Let's eat healthy together she says.. :o) God is so good to give us friends and family to support us!

Anonymous said...

I won't say that I have the same struggle you do, everyone's is different but after my son I couldn't stand my body. The problem was I had no idea how to lose weight. I was always tiny, I even had to gain weight just to get pregnant. Anyways, all I knew was that something had to change. First off, my frame of mind. I had to stop beating myself up. Secondly, I had to take it one day at a time and think before I ate..that included getting off my butt. With careful thought and planning I lost 75 lbs. a year later. My point, if I can do it with no help..surely you can with all of us behind you.

nanasknoll said...

I loved this blog post. I was just right for years and thought myself fat.
Now that I am older and have diabetes it is hard to keep your weight down with the medications. Also you are now your own pancreas and have to regulate your food. As a result of this I have to eat more than I use to. Basically to stay thin I was not eating hardly anything. I am sure the Lord would not have us not eat just to meet some guide line a human has made for our weight.
We all need to listen to the small voice of the Lord and eat what is healthy.
Also my husband thinks I look great. I think we do not enjoy those moments you speak of because we have set some idea of what a perfect woman and wife is in our hearts. We need to throw it out and accept ourselves as the Lord has loved and accepted us as we are.
If we do have a weight problem we need to do what is healthy for us. Not what the TV and the world expects.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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