Show and Tell with Surprise Videos!

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Show and Tell with Surprise Videos!

Better late than never, I always say! Here we are with another edition of Show and Tell. From now on, we will continue to hold this on Saturday.

Oh my goodness! Isn’t this the sweetest little bunny? I just know Neky is going to love her. (She is into cats and bunnies.) You can learn how to make this bunny at my favorite crafty blogger’s website…Until Wednesday Calls. If this doesn’t get you ‘into’ spring, I don’t know what will! Melissa’s tutorial is great!
 Salt Dough #3
Can you believe that Deb thought these beautiful ornaments weren’t very good? I thought they were as cute as could be!They would look great on an ‘Easter Tree’ or a spring garland. In fact I think these creations are perfectly charming! Drop by and tell her how nice these are at Jeremiah 29:11.
collard greens  
If you have never visited Gloria, you have missed out on meeting a sweet person., another favorite blogging friend. She is not only a great painter and collage art person, but she loves to cook and garden…and cook..and cook…mmm!  I was planning  to drop by one day…except that I’m pretty sure she doesn’t live in Texas. Sooo sad…  She is the queen of Mexican cooking so if you are looking for some good cooking, or would like to meet a very friendly blogger…drop by Glorv's Blog VivaLaVida!
I love vintage things…even if I do live in the country. Until we moved here my whole decorating scheme was Victorian! These would have fit in perfectly! Click here to see.. actually, I think they would be better in my sewing room. These are so unique and nostalgic!  Anyway, Kris does a great tutorial on her blog Collage Contessa and also has a nice picture of her latest crochet project. She shows you exactly how to make these Easter eggs that I think would be perfect any time of year—especially Mother’s Day!
I Will Survive…A Version for Homeschoolers Dynamic2blogs
This video was featured on a new blogging friend’s blog School For Us. Dana and her daughter Alexandra have a home school blog where they post all their educational endeavors and lots of educational travel posts! She has been blogging for YEARS! You should see her archives! Wow!  I have to say though that this was just downright funny and entertaining. She has gorgeous photos and lives in Vancouver, BC. If you love travel or homeschooling..her blog is worth a visit!
Christian, Donna’s son from Comin’ Home, demonstrates juggling.
Juggling Combo PackOK, I know we can’t beat that last video…but my dear youngest son, Christian, now 15,  has been working on a hobby and amazingly agreed to let me video him! He has learned to juggle! Actually, he learned it from Shona Cole’s son Matthew, who is quite the expert juggler. Once Christian saw Matthew’s demonstration..he was hooked! He was juggling before we could get him home and he spent all his allowance on better juggling balls before the week was out. This is a great hobby for kids!  
P.S. He refused to do his really good tricks in case he ‘messed up’ but this is still cute..
Have a Great Weekend!
Donna Carol


Breathing In Grace said...

You are such a precious soul, Ms. Donna. Thank you so mcuh for showing off my ornaments. Most of all thank you for your sweet inspiring comments on my post about weight!! What I heard from you made the most sense of anything others have shared via a comment, or e-mail!!! I'm soooo glad God blessed me with finding your blog!!!

Rae said...

Hello Donna,
thank you so much for leaving me a little comment thought!
Coming from you means a lot! I see your handy work!
I do want to get better at sewing, I've just been doing my own thing, and I know this project was good for me.
I sure like what you have done to this blog, very nice.

Rae said...

I forgot to tell you... I placed this site to my homemaking blog (sidebar)
A Lovely Thought...HOME
You've got some great stuff for homemakers!

Lorraine said...

those recipes look nice so will l have to check out her blog..great videos. we had our first proper BBQ today as my sons are just a bit more grown up this year..they loved the burgers and steaks so hoping its nice again tomorrow..thanks for popping over to my blog

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoyed! Have a good weekend.

Donna said...

Ahh...Barbecue! It's the perfect time of year. I know my boys have learned to appreciate a good steak..and hamburgers are the 'staple of life' for most little guys.

Thanks for visiting everyone. :o)

Colleen Rieth said...

Way to go, Christian!

Trudy said...

Awesome juggling.

Donna, I am posting the I Will Survive video on my sewing blog on Tuesday. I found it on another blogger's site. So I chuckled when I saw it on yours. It's making its rounds.

Thank you for your prayers for my mother-in-law.

And nice to see that I'm back on your blog list.

Dana Leeds said...

Hi, Donna. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, too. And, thanks for the blurb about my blog! I'm glad to have found yours and am really enjoying it.

Donna said...

Dear Kris, That video made my day. My husband even enjoyed it. I needed a little pick me up after 23 years of teaching my five. It blessed me more than I can say. I'm glad you shared it with us.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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