Readers’ Q and A’s: Photography and Blogging Tips

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Readers’ Q and A’s: Photography and Blogging Tips

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Q. How do I take better pictures? 
I know nothing about photography, and I've been trying to learn. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing Shannon Mucha  and Shona’s photo-taking tips with me? Thanks.
Trudy Callan 
Artistic Creations With Trudy
Sewing with Trudy
A. That’s a great question with a long answer!
Trudy asked me a question that up until a few weeks ago, I had never thought to ask myself. Shona Cole  of An Artful Life and Shannon Mucha of Art in the Every Day, both great photographers, were kind enough friends to confront me, graciously, on the quality of my photos. (Insert Red Face Here)   I have to say that Trudy sure looks GREAT in pictures…and Marty, her hubby, is a great photographer!  Here is a list of the answers that I received both from them and from further research of my own. In fact, there are links to several great blogging resources in this list.
Leaf by Shannon Mucha at Art in the Every Day

Blog Photo Taking Tips
  • First check out Ruffles and Stuff how to take good photos.
  • Also check out Brent Rigg's On Building a Better Blog.  I use Picasa photo editor which is free. I especially love the FILL LIGHT button—it adds more overall light to any photo.
  • Most of my pix were too dark. Take pictures during the DAYTIME.
  Photos by Shona Cole at An Artful Life
  • Use a WHITE BACKGROUND as much as possible. I may make a white box like Shona's . She says to add tons of additional lighting. She has several desk lights set up all around her white box—a cardboard box with white bottom, back, and sides.  
  • Take photos OUTSIDE as much as possible.  Shannon Mucha says that putting an object on the car or in the car works great. The reflections from the glass really change the effect.
Spring 009 Photo by Donna at Comin’ Home
  • Take from UNUSUAL ANGLES.
  • CROP to get the MAIN subject..leaving out all the background and excess.  (I had to lay on the ground with my nose in the weeds to do the photo above and I cropped a bunch so the flowers were the main subject.)
laurens guest room_thumb[3]
Bedroom Photo from Maria Killam’s blog, Colour Me Happy.
  • Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy says use other people's photos if necessary...with proper credit and links. Check out free sources from the internet like photo dictionary or flicker. Brent suggest the same thing.
Photos should always be stunning or not used!
Spring 065
Photo by Donna at  Comin’ Home
  • No background mess surrounding photos or extra details.
That's what I've learned in a nutshell.  It was embarrassing how poor my photos were and I've redone old posts that are popular for that reason though I’ve got a long ways to go.
What is Networked Blogs?
Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage wrote…
Hi Donna
Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I'll stop by and sign up.

What is Networked Blogs? I don't think I've ever heard of that, but I'm pretty busy these days and don't visit nearly as much as I should.
shabby chic
 Networked Blogs took me a while to figure out. It's a list of the Top Blogs that are signed up with Facebook. I could never figure out how to get my blog on to that list and neither could my friend Trudy. Then one day, I signed up to follow a blog that was already on Facebook and it offered me the option to also add mine. Bingo!  Basically, the more followers that you have on Facebook, the higher in the rating you go.  You do have to have a facebook page to do this. They give you the option to sign up your blog. You can actually have your blog’s post feed to a Facebook page!

 Just a quick reminder, that I'm gone to a tournament with the kdis and can't get to the internet except to check emails via my Ipod..maybe...   I'll be home Sunday evening. :o) This is a previously scheduled post. :o)


Room for More said...

Another great post Donna. I hop ethe tourney is going well. A note about Brent Riggs. He and his wife have an adopted daughter Abby who is struggling with leukemia. She is a doll and a fighter.

Breathing In Grace said...

Missing you this week at Gettin' Thin!!! Hope you're having a great time!!! Still enjoying your posts!

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
Some very helpful hints for a newbie! Thanks so much for your great posts!
God bless,

Maria Killam said...

great tips! I am embarrassed too when I look at old pictures that I used to take of my interiors--what was I thinking! Thanks for the mention!

Trudy said...

Great post, Donna. Thanks for the link to my blog and compliment on my photos.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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