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Family News~Home School Graduations...Beautiful Cakes and Links for Decorating Basics

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Last Saturday, I had a fun time cutting and serving cake  for my dear friends’ children’s graduation party. Home school graduations are so special and I really think this is one of the sweetest I've ever seen!

  Jasmine Noman, Jacob's debate partner, listening to her mom brag on her as they give her her diploma.

Paul S., Elisa H., Laura S., all graduated this year along with Bethany, Sarah G., The Mathis girls (college),  and Ethan B.. We are not quite through getting all the gifts figured out.  Any ideas???!!!

 This photo is of our close friends, The Stevens. Jacob's best buddy, Cody is enjoying his moment in the sun! His mom is Jacob's debate coach...and I'm her personal seamstress--ha!. Laurie is the decorating friend I've mentioned a few times. The one who doesn't file A-Z. Tee..hee!

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 Like the horse in the movie Sense and Sensibility, I decided to make myself useful in the kitchen.  I’m wearing my dress from my oldest son’s wedding…that was at least FIVE YEARS AGO!! PTL!!(  2 more pounds lost this week.) I almost didn't post this picture as I feel I was having quite a bad hair day here!

My good friend Terri Smith made the cakes and I heard that they were quite delicious !!  (I ate an  orange, some nuts, and drank my protein powder from Young Living.) It was so embarrassing saying No…I didn’t make the cake over and over…but I don’t mind bragging on Terri.   She does a fabulous job!!  Angela.. I can't find her cake blog...Can you help me??

I love decorating cakes but usually use the Wilton method. You can get the icing recipe I use, how to color, how to ice a cake and all the best tips I ever learned about cake decorating and the supplies all from Wilton's website for Free!! Just click here! Terri does a lot of rolled fondant. I tried that too not too long ago and now I'm hooked! I’ve managed to avoid doing too many cakes in the last few years due to Terri developing her talents.  Now she does the cakes…and I do the sewing. :o)

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Large Order of Fryes said...

Here is Terri's cake blog - there are so many cakes on there that are worth looking at. Be sure to see them all:

Unknown said...

Thanks Angela! Do you have your son's cakes posted? I have only seen a couple. I had forgotten that you and he have come up with some darling rolled fondant cakes. :o)

Caroline said...

We have food issues too ... so I've had to reprogram myself, that it isn't about the food, it's about the fellowship ... I know you know this too, and it does take a while, but it gets alot easier with time!

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