Lunch at the Hilton (with John Stossel!) and Beautiful Hotel Design Features

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Lunch at the Hilton (with John Stossel!) and Beautiful Hotel Design Features

Well..we are off to a graduation for several close friends of the kids and a party and then I'll be dropping off Jacob, my son, and Tim, my hubby,  at the airport this afternoon to head off to Virginia for the NCFCA National Speech and Debate tournament.  

If you don't know what Colour Blocking Maria Killam's post entitled 5 Ways to Add Happiness to Your Space by Colour Blocking. It's a fascinating principle and one we can even use in our homes! I was surprised to see that even in the public school where our church meets that they had used colour blocking on the walls of the school building for decorating the huge spaces.

It was hard to capture the whole banquet room with my camera in the low light.    Sometimes we just don't really 'see' what is going on around us. But Maria has given me a new way to look at the world and I am having such a fun time learning to pay attention to color and design!

So while I'm gone,  I thought I'd show you a few  pictures from our luncheon at the Hilton in Downtown Houston which we attended yesterday. Jacob was so excited to get to hear John Stossel from Fox News in person!  All the homeschooled kids had their picture taken with him before the luncheon.

John Stossel was a great speaker and seemed to really hit the right note with the business community in Houston as well as our highschoolers. They had 26 tables (10 people each) and only 3 of those tables were of kids.  All our kids have attended Economic's Seminars in New York at FEE.  The rest of the people attending paid $125.00 per plate! I was privileged to get to join in the dinner as a 'chaperone' for eight of the teens. The dinner was wonderful..but I didn't eat my dessert..sigh.. 

On another note, I reveled in the beauty of this hotel. I could see so many principles at work that Maria Killam at Colour Me Happy teaches about...especially color blocking.  This was a beautiful place! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures to share.

  It was a pricey event but they were given scholarships to attend it. They loved John Stossel's speaking style and the great ideas he shared. He is now with  Fox News.
Jacob and his homeschooled debate friends really enjoyed the economic seminar. They love economics and as debaters have become experts on the topic.

Future CEOs!!! The leadership of our country is in the capable hands of our next generation! Jacob and Cody looked like mini-businessmen while on their cell phones in this photo. I thought this was too cute a picture to pass up.


Lorraine said...

love that top picture and the picture of your must be very proud..have a lovely time

Anonymous said...

Look at you being a proud Mama and taking pictures of everything! You're kids are truly blessed to have you. Have fun but please come home safe...we miss you.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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