My "Real Food" diet is working!! Before and After Pictures from Donna. PTL!!

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My "Real Food" diet is working!! Before and After Pictures from Donna. PTL!!

 173 pounds on June 5th (5'2")  (Stomach all gone!!)

Hi Everyone! This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, so I didn't get to do my usual Monday housecleaning post. However, I have been taking pictures and videos left and right of various projects and activities that have been 'in the works.'   I do hope to get them all posted in the next few days. So, what's on the 'schedule' for this week?Here are a few things that I've got almost ready to post.

                      Posts for This Week...and maybe a little into next week. :o)
  • How to make a frugal tablescape...with before and after pictures. (and weekly cleaning challenge)
  • How to use recycled plastic bottles to make planting in big planters and moving them an easier task.
  • Tutorial: A Super Easy 30 minute circle skirt (like a poodle or square dance skirt) that requires no pattern and minimal sewing. Bonus:  how to make your own bias tape!
  •  Great food storage tip that makes the most use of your freezer space and makes defrosting a snap!
  • Sunday:  The Secret to Pleasing a "Hard to Please" Hubby

Before and After Pictures 
Today, I'm posting my first ever  "Before and After" pictures, since I started my weight loss journey in April. I had to take the above photo myself, because  the kids were  already asleep. Sorry about the blurry image.
  189 pounds on February 25 (5'2") 
I looked pregnant from the side because my stomach was so big. 
And the blouse was so tight in the bust that I could barely get it over my chest.

Progress Report on my Weight Loss Efforts
Here is a picture taken less than a month before I gave up junk food. I  had just added the ruffle and widened the hips on this blouse on February 25th this year. I started dieting about a week after we started our weight loss blog, Gettin' Thin Together on April 11 so that was about April 18th or so. I took the first and last photos tonight, June 6th.  So this has been the result of seven weeks of dieting. (Did I tell you I had no intentions of getting on a diet...I just started the blog to get some support. I thought I would never be able to get on a diet again and stay on it. 

 I am still pinching this real? To think I fought giving up junk food all these years! My conscious has always bugged me about it, but I just couldn't bring myself to give up the processed foods, snack foods,  poor quality bread and pasta.     Now, I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my freedom to choose good quality food at every meal. I never want to go back to enduring the old cravings that kept me hooked on junk.

No More Food Cravings!!
Since I started eating real food, I have not craved a speck of junk food.   I can smell it, look at it, know how good it would taste..and still not eat it!!  When you think of how much sense it makes that natural food (all original designs by God himself ) like vegetables, fruit, meat , and nuts are going to be good for you and that food made of man-made chemicals just might not be good for you, it makes you wonder why we never consider this switching to lose weight and regain our health!  

All these years, I've been a prisoner of my appetites even when I was thin. Now, I'm free and I never feel the need to overeat. I'm so grateful to the  Lord that he put the way of escape right in front of me.  I truly believe that someday, I will, again, be able to eat a piece of pizza or have ice cream without it sending me into drug-like additive cravings, but I think my body needs to get completely healthy before that can safely happen.

Amazingly, I actually love water, fruit, vegetables, and lean meat now. I avoided them in the past, even though I loved the taste of them. It always seemed like cooking was too much trouble to mess with and I didn't 'crave' real food like I did toast, crackers, chips, and pasta.

Not only that but I have so much stamina and energy that I just can't believe it's real! The other night, I went square dancing with the children for the first time in several months. Normally, I would dance about two dances...then be exhausted and very over-heated. So I'd rest and sit out a dance, then join the next one.  Even though it had been months since I'd danced, last night I was able to dance two solid hours with no breaks!!  I was so full of energy that I was wide-eyed all the way home, even though we didn't get back from College Station until 1:30am.   I NEVER NEED A NAP NOW!  I have been off junk food since May 5th.  That's not even two months! And I'm healthier and more energetic than I've been in my whole life.

Even if I never lost another pound, I'd never go back to eating like I did. Now that I know what was actually making me feel exhausted, emotional, stressed, and addicted, I just can't let it happen again.  I look so different even after such a small weight loss that everyone who knows me wants to know what in the world I am doing. The crazy thing isthat  it isn't that the weight loss is so large, but that my skin tone is so wonderful, my shape has smoothed out, and I'm so NOT bloated. I've lost so many inches that the brand new clothes I bought a month ago don't fit. (Several inches too big in the waist.) I've only lost seven pounds this month...and that's good...but I look like a different person. That never happened when I've dieted in the past.

So when people ask me what I'm doing to lose weight...I tell them..I don't count calories...I don't weigh anything....but I also don't overeat--and I don't even feel the urge too.  I just always eat REAL food rather than man-made...i.e.a small piece of meat, a cheese stick, an orange or apple, broccoli spears in vinegar and oil, and an occasional cup of oatmeal or brown rice. The stomach monster seems to have been slain! Hurrah!

So, I thank the Lord every single day for answering my deepest heartfelt not be overweight and to not be tired, sick, and embarrassed about how I look every moment of the day.  To look really trim even though I do still weigh just astonishing!  I never looked good at that weight before and I think I look so much better now because all the junk and chemicals are out of my system. I look and feel younger than I ever have...even though I am overweight. That's as big a miracle as I can imagine.  I have hope now and am not afraid of the future and being stuck with excess weight. Even if it took three years to lose all my weight, I wouldn't care, because I've got most of the benefits of being thin..already!

If you are like me and struggling with weight...and maybe have given up hope of ever losing it, and if you haven't considered giving up processed foods yet and are still struggling with a desire for food, please do give it a shot, even if just for a week or two. I wish I had known how much it would help me years ago to give up the junk and not feel compelled to overeat. If you would like more encouragement, then drop by our weightloss blog. We would love to hear from you at Gettin' Thin Together!

Happy Homemaking.....


Maria Killam said...

Yaay you! I'm so glad it's working so well, you are looking good! xo Maria

Laura said...

Good Morning, Donna,
Congratulations! You look so great! We have had a similar experience husband, who is very tall and is able to carry weight well without looking overweight...went to the doctor for his physical...and was reprimanded for his high blood pressure and cholesterol level. So...the doctor said, "loose weight". He came home, stopped the junk food, and lost 25 lbs in a little over a month! Just by cutting out the processed food. We are now all eating better...and it is really paying off.
You go, girl...I'm really proud of you!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing and glowing with pride!Keep up all your good work and spreading the world about eating real food instead of plastic food. Looks like you might have to take in your shirt're drowning in it.

Kolfinnas Korner said...

That is AWESOME! I've made a little progress the past 8 weeks, but still have some struggles to overcome.

Julia said...

Thank you for your inspirational post! You do look awesome. I'm so glad you feel better. My husband and I are on a quest together to eat more healthy foods. We are eating mostly veggies, whole grain everything, and very little processed stuff. The garden is going to be a big help. Thanks!

Trudy said...

I am so proud of you, Donna. You look amazing. This is such an accomplishment to eat wholesome foods because they are so addicting. It's so hard to pass up those chips, cake or whatever it may be. Your commitment is paying off. You are reaping the benefits in the way you feel and look.

This morning for breakfast I had a cup of tea, a plain avocado and sliced tomatoes. For brunch, I'll have a small bowl of oatmeal. Then I'll probably have an apple and a few nuts. Then later on in the day I'll make a smoothly in the blender with banana, apple (or frozen strawberries or bluberries), and plain yogurt. It's really yummy. If I need a snack after dinner, I get a small bowl of frozen bluberries. During the day snacks may consist of carrots, nuts, fresh fruit, cheese, etc. Dinner varies with the meat surrounded by vege & salad. Last night it was crockpot roast, the night before chicken. I pulled out my Champion Juicer the other day. I may try to juice a cup of carrot juice when I can fit it in. I love carrot juice. I also drink a green barley drink and herbal fiber blend to cleanse the colon. And of course lots of water. I like to put lemon in my water, too. It's very cleansing. I feel so much better when I eat healthy.

Keep up the good work, Donna. I look forward to seeing more before and after pictures. I suspect you'll be wearing some fitted clothing soon to show off the new you.


resveratrol said...

Congratulations! You actually look great! I love reading your blog. Your story will serve as an inspiration for everyone, especially for those people who want to lose weight. Thanks for sharing your story.

Dana Leeds said...

Congrats! And, you look great! I just started a new way of eating & exercise 11 days ago and I am feeling so good. Like you, I'm not evening wanting junk food right now. In fact, yesterday I had to eat a hot dog at a camp - there were no other choices & we were there over 5 hours. Anyway, as much as I usually love hot dogs, I just didn't want one. But, I didn't let it destroy my day!

I've started running, working out, drinking 8-10 8 ounce glasses of water. I feel great! I can't wait to see where I go with this.

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