Teens take Square Dancing by Storm! And come up with WOW costumes..Pattern and Video Included

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Teens take Square Dancing by Storm! And come up with WOW costumes..Pattern and Video Included

 Rebekah in the dress she made to wear for the Teen Demo Dance..and me in my new Circle Square dance skirt.
I made my whole outfit as well.

Rebekah and I went to the Sam Houston Texas State Square Dance Festival in Galveston along with the other members of the three teen clubs in the Houston area who were performing in the demo dance they did this last weekend.

Getting ready to practice...not sure what the joke was..but Rebekah sure thought it was funny. :o) 

Sixteen teenagers volunteered to be part of the teenage demo which performed at the opening dance.  They did a fantastic job! (See great video below!)  Each girl or guy had to make their own dress or vest. (I'm assuming the guys' moms or sisters did the sewing for most of them.)  :o) Rebekah did a great job on her dress..don't you think? 

Matt Barnes calls for most of the teen clubs. He teaches them a year's worth of lessons in about 12 weeks! And still..they get bored and start coming up with their own moves. They learn so fast!

 Rebekah and Zach (her assigned partner for the demo) enter the main auditorium with the team to get ready to dance.

The teenagers made a huge impression on the adult dancers with their demo. I have to apologize for the poor lighting but using a flash just wouldn't work. Some day, I'll get a 'real camera' with an adjustable shutter speed, but for now, this will have to do. 

I have to say that it was just fast enough to have an amazing effect as far as showing movement. Getting everyone to pose..really didn't work. :o)

She used this pattern to make the dress.   Don't let that front ruffle fool you! It's not a wrap around skirt! It's just ruffle trailed up to the waist to LOOK like a wrap around skirt. No square dancin' gal in her right mind would wear a wrap around skirt to square dance in ..ha!  You can buy tons of cute patterns at http://www.squaredfashions.com/Patterns.htm 

Click on both these videos so they play at the same time and you can see just how differently the teens dance than the adults do. It's kind of fun to see!

Sadly, the kids don't have sound because I had to use my youngest son's camera. I had no idea that it didn't record sound! And for some reason, You Tube doesn't like his video type either.  Be sure to watch all the way until the end. Rebekah and Zach practice a lot and add some dramatic ballroom dancing  at the very end. (It's interspersed throughout..but the best part is at the end of the dance. )   For now, just enjoy square dancing...teenage style! It's a whole new genre of sport!

PS. If you are wondering what 'normal' square dancing looks like..here's a video from the Houston Hoedown.  Believe me..it's amazing the difference in energy and activity between the adults and the kids. What makes it even more astonishing is that the kids have all been dancing between 1-2 years and these adult dancers have most likely been dancing for many years.

 Happy Homemaking!


Breathing In Grace said...

That has to be amazing exercise. Both your outfits look great!!

Trudy said...

What fun! Those dresses are gorgeous.


nannykim said...

Ha, I haven't tried square dancing since elementary school! It does look like fun and your daughters dance looked a bit like ice skating! Cool outfits--I can't believe they had to make their own!

Anonymous said...

Wish you lived closer..my best friend just had a yard sale with 300+ patterns for 10 cents a piece! If I knew what you were looking for I'd pull them for you before they went to Goodwill.

GlorV1 said...

Oh how fun! Great dancing. The outfits are great Donna. You did a good job. It's fun to see you and your daughter together. She looks a lot like you. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

antmee said...

Beautiful outfits! Well done to the people who designed and made them!

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