Ten Fun and Frugal Summer Activities We did with the Grandkids!

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Ten Fun and Frugal Summer Activities We did with the Grandkids!

Our fun thing to do where we live is feed the horse of course.

And you can always take a little drive into the country to feed one a little roadside grass...even if he isn't yours. :o)

The library is our very favorite spot though. Nice and cool. They have a million activities for every age from babies to adults!  Don't just go to your favorite library. Check our your county's calendar!  This picture is of the park behind the library. Parks are always a great frugal place to go too!

We drove about 30 minutes to Montgomery to their library to hear a great band called The Non-toxic Band. They were fabulous and write music just for kids! The kids laughed, sang, cheered and danced to every style of music imaginable!

Of course we also checked out books and played with the stuffed animals. :o)

Feed the Ducks--  Thank goodness..we live near the lake..but do you have a pond nearby? I don't think we've ever lived somewhere where you couldn't feed ducks.

Amanda with the boys...

 Grandma (me!) with my three grandsons, Colin, Brennan, and Nikolai Rodgers

Swimming is a great option whether you do it in a tub, a wading pool, or your local rec center!

Nikolai, my newest grandson (born on my birthday--Feb. 2nd!), swam in the tummy tub. I took him in the big pool too. He seems to like water an awful lot. :o)

Lena, my granddaughter, is a beach bum just like her mom and dad. We had such a great time Saturday swimming with all four grandkids and their parents. :o)

Lena in her bathing suit.

 How about some art? Drawing, Coloring, and Stamping are good for at least 15 minutes...
You can color, draw, or play with stamp sets.

How about a puppet show! Check out the internet for easy patterns for homemade puppets.

You can have a puppet show!  I bought this whole set with 15 puppets for $30.00 off of Craig's list!

 Playdough never gets old!

Refrigerator Magnets are fun even if you can't spell yet...

Or you can play with puzzles, magnet letters or playdough!


Or..you can try my most favorite summer activity of all...playing with the grandchildren!


Breathing In Grace said...

Your grandbabies are adorable!! Looks like you're having a wonderful time enjoying and spoiling 'em!!! There's nothing like GRAND-kids!

Anonymous said...

Donna ~ It looks like you are enjoying a fun Summer...as well as everyone in your family. Thank you for sharing! Such wonderful photos. Blessings ~ Teri

Maria Killam said...

Okay that was really fun Donna, I watched every single one, what a great idea all those videos - your grandchildren are so beautiful!!

ps. Wish it was hot here in Vancouver, we haven't even had any summer yet!

Anonymous said...

You've got some very lucky grandkids! I wish we had fun stuff like that around here, our fun comes later with a road trip but we're hoping for a visit to the park tomorrow.

Rae said...

What a cute post! and your little grandchildren are so so cute. I know you had fun just being with them. Lovely

Maria Killam said...

Donna, you might just be one of my very favourite blogging friends, you always leave me the sweetest and nicest and most thoughtful comments. I remember you sent me some pictures a while ago and I want to schedule a little consult with you because you are so wonderful! Next week, maybe Tuesday, let me know. Unless you are partying with your grandkids still (so darn cute, I had to watch the little baby in the tub again when I came over here tonight).

Beautifully Veiled said...

I do believe that grandma is having just as much fun, if not more so, than those babies!!! What a wonderful time!!!!

Trudy said...

This was an awesome post. Your grandbabies are sooo cute!!! I love all the videos. My favorite was the one with baby in the tub. I also love the activity of coloring in the stamped images. Lots of great ideas. Thanks.


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