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Shabby Chic's Huge Giveaway Event!! I'm giving a way a hand-quilted 1920's reproduction wallhanging..Come and See!

It's almost that time again - Giveaway Day time!

From Gina: Our last event, The Spring Fling, was a HUGE success! With over 20,000 hits in 2 days, you all made it clear that you LOVE giveaways. So, let's get ready and do one for summer!  Gina at Shabby Chic.

Ladies..we are talking about FABULOUS giveaways!! Lots of them! So stop by Gina's today to learn how to participate. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

And for a good Monday Challenge...here's my favorite!! I'm SOOOO going to be doing this!!  Read this challenge from Gina...

Last year I issued a challenge to all my readers: Find ten tasks that need to be finished, and complete them in ten days. It's a steep challenge - but if you need a kick to break through procrasinating it's a GREAT way to get going.

So we're going to do it again! You have one week to decide which 10 tasks you'd like to complete, then list them on your side bar. I will do a linky at the 5 day mark to show your progress and the 10 day mark to show your results. If you need a cheerleader to keep motivated, then your challenge buddies will help you out! Your tasks can be as simple as decluttering a drawer or as big as sewing a slipcover. It's all up to you.

The challenge will begin next Wednesday, June 23rd and end Friday, July 2nd.
The 5 day link up will be on Sunday, June 27th.
Are you game?

Well, You bet Gina!! Here's my list of Ten Things:
1. Finish Mom's couch cushion covers
2. Help son get driver's permit.
3. De-clutter dear hubby's closet.
4. Finish purple square dance skirt.
5. Lose five pounds.
6. Learn to sell on Ebay!
7. Ship Dad's mementos to distant family.
8. Get finances completely up- to-date.
9. Write Christian's lesson plans for summer school.
10. Add ruffle to checkered square dance skirt.

     Happy Homemaking!

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    Deb said...

    Did I read correctly that you're gonna loose 5 lbs in 10 days?!? That's very ambitious!!! Hope you get all your things on your "to do" list accomplished!!! Love your give-a-way, too!

    Diana said...

    Thank you for your prayers!

    Caroline said...

    hmmm, good I'd like to see the ruffle!

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