Ten Projects in Ten Days...Halfway Point Progress Report

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Ten Projects in Ten Days...Halfway Point Progress Report

You know, I've been so busy with the grandbabies that I haven't had much time to work on my list! Yipes!!

It's always that way with me... I make a list of 10 things I'm going to do and then I do 10 other things that really needed to be done just as much..instead! Do you ever have that problem?

I don't mind as long as I'm not PROCRASTINATING! That's the kink. It's easy to ignore the list of 'should do's" and do the "want to's" instead. :o)

Six Things I worked on  that were ON the list!
  • Arrange a whole week off to sew couch cushion covers while ALL children are gone. Date: July 4-10 (well..it IS progress!)
  • Got budget done and bills paid.
  • Lost 2.5 pounds!! Stuck to diet over weekend of travel to Dallas. :o)
  • Downloaded some material from the internet for son to study for driver's test next week.
  • Borrowed Mom's sewing machine so I can sew ruffles and cushions. (Got it from Denton.)
  • Pulled box out of storage so I can ship Dad's mementos to family.
Like all my projects, I have to work on them in bits and pieces, especially when our week is as busy as last week was.  This week, I will have lots more time to do my list.  I won't get the cushions done since I've made arrangements to do them on the 4th through the 10th. But at least now I have a good opportunity to work on them. 

Ten Things I Did This Week that were NOT on the list:

  •  Attended graduation party near Dallas and visited Fort Worth Stockyards with the kids' friends (per their request).
  • Pulled Photos together and emailed to Jeff Yeager for his  interview on the Today show--We're going to be on TV!! ( via the photos..not in person:o) They will be showing pictures of the families who were featured in his new book, The Cheapskate Next Door. Our copy is in the mail, he said. :o
  •  Made colored glycerin soaps in molds of turtles and bugs with the grandkids
  • Took Amanda, daughter-in-law to Antique Shops (each child had a 'guardian') :o)

  • Cleaned the house and arranged beautifully. Posted photos for friend who will be giving me an interior decorating consultation tomorrow!! Yippee!!

  • Danced at our Just for Fun dance (with our teenage club in Tomball, the Grand Squares) to help kick off our new summer lessons. So fun!!
  • Got website updated and revised per Brent Rigg's advice after having a blog critique.
  •  Took Grandkids to feed the ducks, hear a band, watch a puppet show, and buy a 'safe' slushie at Sonic.
  • Started a batch of Combucha Mushroom tea.Bought new clothes from the thrift store..since old ones were too big. Hurrah!
  • Helped get 15 yr. old on healthy diet to try to alleviate his seasonal allergies. I'm so proud that he is sticking with it!
So how about you? Are you working on some long overdue projects this summer? What would you most like to get done this next week, that you've been putting off?

Happy Homemaking!


GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. You do so much and still manage to take care of yourself. Congrats on losing 2.5 pounds. I have to start working on that too. I like your list. I always used to make a list and also on New Years Eve, we always sit down and make a list of projects and other thing we are going to accomplish. I cross them off as the year goes on. You definitely are an inspiration. How fun, you are going to be on TV? That is so cool. Let us know when. Have a great week and take care. Thx for stopping by my blog.

Denise said...

YOU are one busy lady!! I definitely have procrastination issues:) Of course, between being a single mom to a 3 year old and the "health" issues I do tend to excpect a little more than I can actually get done...LOL Progress IS progress, after all, whether it is in the direction you planned or not. You are soooo inspiring!!! Congratulations on ALL of your great accomplishments:)
Happy Monday!

GlorV1 said...

Donna, I know what I keep forgetting to ask you. How did you get all those photo's at the top for your banner? I'm wanting to do that to mine, but not sure how to add more pix. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks.

Donna said...

Gloria, I just took all those photos. I used a DRAW program (free software..Open Office) and copied my photos into the draw program, resized them and grouped them into two lines long enough to fit an entire 8 x 12 piece of paper (used the landscape format.) Then I use MWSnap (a free online screen capture program) to capture the photo off the document.

Then after saving the 'banner' photo to the desktop as a.jpg, I edited it in Picasa (another free online program for photo editing) and typed the text on top of it and saved it.

The photo have all been taken by me over the last year or so. Glad you like them. :o)

cherry said...

Congrat's on the weight loss and completing so many task on your list and all the others also ..
Can't wait to see everyone's completed projects.

hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Debby said...

Thanks for visiting COzy Blanket and following. So glad that I have found your blog and you as well. You are amazing and accomplish so many things, wow, I need that energy. So looking forward to your quilt. I will look at it and it will remind me of a great person.

claudia b said...

How fun, Donna, all your projects sound great - you are certainly getting a lot more done than me, I think I'm only going to cross off half of my Ten Tasks :D

Following you now!

Shona Cole said...

wow Donna, you are leading a busy, beautiful life! what a joy to read. good job on the weigh loss... I think I have gained a few here :( have not had your resolve.
we are doing great here, Matthew is getting around so much better, but I am afraid he has grown accustomed to being pushed around in the wheelchair!!!!
sorry I can't email directly but my email is randomly broken, it is so frustrating to compose an email for it to not send. I hope aol sort it out soon.

Tammigirl said...

You are amazing!

I have amended my list to do other things, and just like you, I'm happy with it. As long as things are getting done, it is worth celebrating.

Maria Killam said...

You have been very busy indeed! Your place is looking so cute and will be even better with you new colours ;)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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