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New Modern Skirt Designed by Rebekah...plus videos!


Rebekah and I had a special and unusually girly weekend not two weeks ago! We spent the weekend square dancing in Galveston as you probably know by now.


Last time, I showed you pictures and a demo of the teenagers in the zebra striped lime green ruffled dresses but I mentioned that Rebekah had designed her own 'modern' style square dance dress. Here it is!

The owner of a square dance dressmaking company is discussing her construction of the pleated circle skirt. It's not an easy thing to make!

He also gave her some information about a possible internship with a fashion design place in Houston. She loves to design skirts in particular and we thought this might be an interesting thing to look into.

 Here's a video of a line dance with Rebekah in her new skirt. I thought it looked lovely! Who would have ever thought a circle skirt could look so modern?

   I designed this trumpet skirt myself. I've found that I had a little trouble with it hanging right and staying snug around my waist. But I think it turned out pretty good anyway.

And of course I made this skirt up as well.. I had trouble with it too. The fabric was too light and I really need to add a ruffle to the bottom to give it some weight.  Personally, I think a circle skirt needs a waistband unless you have a good belt. I just bought one for this dress. It's especially designed for square dance skirts.

Have you ever tried to design your own skirt? Did you have any trouble with it?

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Trudy Callan said...

Rebekah is so talented. Her skirt is amazing. You must continue to share with us her designs and keep us updated on the path she takes into fashion design. I am very interested.


Debby said...

Very cute. Love the video and how the skirt looks when she twirls.

Trudy Callan said...

I love the video, too. I meant to tell you that you look really beautiful in that dark colored dress.

Gloria said...

Great video and you looked great in the black dress. I think it is great that you and your daughter spend such quality time together. As always, thanks for sharing.

AmyK said...

Lovely skirts! I can't imagine designing something so neat; it takes a talent that I just don't have! :)

Caroline said...

oh yes, skirts can be fiddly ... an intersection of fit,fabric, drape, design, and body shape. I've had some good luck and some fails. I like your daughter's version! lovely ... internship in fashion design? I hope it works out. What an opportunity,

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