Ten Days of Fun: Freckled Bug's Apron, Cute Tote Bag, Grandkids, Giveaway Winner!

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Ten Days of Fun: Freckled Bug's Apron, Cute Tote Bag, Grandkids, Giveaway Winner!

Wow--Ten days can go by so fast! No way did I get everything on my list done while participating in the Ten Tasks in Ten Days challenge. ( I can't imagine why---though the photo above might give a clue. :o) I'm so glad that Gina at Shabby Chic Cottage started the challenge though. It really made me get a few balls rolling! Thanks Gina!
I did make some homemade soap (almost) with the grandkids and we had a lot of fun! Basically, five of my ten days were used to just have fun!  And I sure did and so did the rest of the family. :o)

I was also THRILLED to win a DARLING apron from the Freckled Bug as part of Diana's Texas Blogging Gals Recent Giveaway.

Wow--I just about fainted for joy. Though I can hardly imagine cleaning is this gorgeous apron!  I did alter it a bit by gathering the waistband with elastic so Rebekah and I can both wear it. :o)  It goes great with my home sewn blouse. :o) I love the colors especially!

The Freckled Bug
  If you want to see more of the beautiful things the Freckled Bug Makes--just check out her blog.

Ten Tasks in Ten Days Challenge at Shabby Chic Cottage

1. Finish Mom's couch cushion covers  - I'm starting today! Got four whole days to work on them while all the children are gone for the week.

2. Help son get driver's permit. --  Jacob finished his first six hours, studied the book...and we are going to the office tomorrow morning! Hurrah!
3. De-clutter dear hubby's closet.  Oops--well..rats! NO, I didn't--but I did re-decorate the bedroom. :o) It's gorgeous though not painted with the proper colors yet. (I'll tell you all about my PAINTING plans tomorrow!)

4. Finish purple square dance skirt. --Sigh...no I didn't do that either. I sure wanted too, but instead I've been working on a cute little "Just for Fun" tote bag for my daughter-in-law's birthday. Does that count?

5. Lose five pounds.  Lost 3 pounds--but whose complaining about that? Aim high I always say!

 6. Learn to sell on Ebay!  So--close and  yet so far. I really need to to do this--and now that I want to buy paint I'm more determined than ever.  My conscience..I mean--my daughter--talked me into waiting until we sell stuff on ebay to buy the new paint colors that my friend, Maria Killam, recommended last week. I'll tell you all about that wonderful event tomorrow. :o)

7. Ship Dad's mementos to distant family.  Sigh--no not yet. But hopefully, this week. :o)

8. Get finances completely up- to-date.  Almost done! Yippee!!

9. Write Christian's lesson plans for summer school.  (Nope--but he's on vacation this week...so I'll do that at the end of the week.)

10. Add ruffle to checkered square dance skirt.  Rats! And I so wanted to do that--but no sewing machine until this week.--Hope springs eternal!

However, I did get my quilted wall hanging sent to Debby of The Cozy Blanket. I'm so glad she liked it. :o) 

And so goes life!  What projects would you like to get done this summer?

Happy Sewing!


Maria Killam said...

Hey you are a busy woman! Thanks for the mention :) Love the apron too!

GlorV1 said...

Great apron Donna. Wow, so much to do, so little time. Knowing you though, you'll get it done. Have a great week and take time to smell the roses. Take care.

Donna said...

I thought you would like that apron Maria. :o)

Hi Gloria, Don't worry--I have a whole week to be ALONE with my hubby!! I'll sew for sure...but we will have plenty of fun too.

Partly, it's just nice getting to spend quiet time together and really talk.

Trudy said...

You've gotten a lot done considering you also had grandkids to entertain. Love that apron.


Julia said...

You are an exceptionally busy lady!!! Really cute grands!!!!

Room for More said...

I agree with Trudy. That is a lot to get done with a house full of fun!

BTW, you have lost a lot of weight and look FANTASTIC!!! That new apron only shows it off the more! Congratulations!!!

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